10 May 2011

My entry for Sprinkle of Glitter competition

Hey girlies, first up let me just apologise for neglecting my blog a bit these last couple of weeks, I do have some planned posts but like the scatty moo I am, I keep leaving my camera lead at home so can’t transfer the pics to my work lappy.

Anyway, the luuuurvely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter held a competition to win a set of Sigma brushes, this was my entry for it. I had big big plans in my head for this look but they never come out like I imagined I suppose a bit more practice is needed.

The glitter had started to crease, I had taken so many pictures trying to get it to show up
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Stars and gems from Superdrug/eBay
Matte black eyeshadow from Storm Sleek palette
Barry M Glitter Dust - Silver
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Ardell False Eyelashes Demi Pixies

I forgot to say for the panelling on the sides I used surgical tape to make them extra sharp then filled in the space with NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk

Chanel Pro Lumiere 10
MAC MAF in Medium
Rose Gold Blush by Sleek
MAC Rhapsody in Two to highlight

ELF Lipgloss
MAC Reflects Red glitter on centre (can’t really see this)

We had to keep the theme ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ in our heads for our look which could have been anything we wanted. Photographing glitter is tough, I had a load on in these pics but it’s hardly showing. Ahh well, I done my best.

Louise has already announced the winner so I didn't win, still it was fun creating this look. I now wish I had more gems and sparkle to add.

Take a look at the winner, Stefi’s entry HERE 

Did any of you enter too?


  1. Ahh I'm so glad you showed off your gorgeous pictures and I'm sorry I couldn't have had more winners (if only Sigma would give more sets out eh!). You were actually the Bloggerino who I thought did clever panel detailing :)
    I'm really enjoying reading through your blog, keep it going! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. The makeup looks so so pretty!


  3. ah thank you haha (:
    No i keep changing my mind about what course I wanna do! but they don't start until september so I have plenty time to decide!

    Thank you so much (: xxxx

  4. wow, beautiful. you have alot of talent :) xx

  5. @Sprinkleofglitter - Ahh thank you. I should have said on the post about the panelling, I will update it! I know, such a shame they are US based they would do so well over here xxxx

    @Nora Schu - Thank you x

    @Sophie-leigh - I wish I knew what I wanted to do years ago, I love all that film make up stuff. You should check out anaarthur81 on youtube, she's fab! You're welcome hun xx

    @ashlie - Thank you sweetness xx

  6. This looks so cool!!!!! X


  7. oh u r looking stunning and shinning



  8. Amazing make-pe
    I really love it---

    Sakura Emme Fashion Blog

  9. @Mademoiselle Lala - Thank you hun x

    @Fakhra's - Thank you x

    @Sakura Emme - Thank you x

  10. Gorgeous!! The flowers look very pretty, perfect for a 'sprinkle of glitter' look.

  11. Beautiful, i love this its gorgeous xx

  12. @Fakhra's Thank you x

    @nicoletta - Thank you hun xx

  13. This is gorgeous, i love it :)

    Love Christine ♥

  14. Very pretty :).

    Sadie xx



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