25 June 2011

Topshop Crème Blush – Neon Rose

What’s up ma bitches! A few weeks ago me and Irene from Blushingloves done a swap, Irene asked for a crème blush by Topshop. Now I’ve heard Topshop had started doing make up but because I don’t really shop in there I had never checked it out.

I went into Topshop on Oxford Street on the hunt for this crème blush for Irene and decided on Neon Rose for her. At first I just picked it up and didn’t swatch it because I wasn’t buying it for myself but the more I looked at it the more I liked it.

I have Virgin Isle crème coloured base by MAC and thought it would be the same as that but boy was I wrong. In the pan it looks quite pink toned but when swatched or applied to the apples of the cheeks it actually has quite nice pinky tones to it, on me Virgin Isle comes out quite orangy.

So yeah I bought one for me too! I am in love with anything coral toned at the minute and can see me adding a lot to my collection in these colours.

I haven’t managed to do an FOTD just yet wearing this but have swatched it on my hand, look out for an FOTD holiday post featuring it when I’m back!

In the pics below the top 'smudge' is Neon Rose blended out. It's so preeeeety!

Flash on

Flash off

What other gems from Topshop am I missing out on?

♥ I’m on my hols right now, back on 4th July, I will reply to all your comments then ♥


  1. Soooooo pretty. Ive never tried topshop make up myself either. Im intrigued to give it a go x x

  2. Oh my this is such a beautiful colour!

  3. Ordered this baby yesterday as well as the cheek stick in luminescence :)

  4. Lovely shade for summer! (:

  5. I have my eye on this :-) but I picked up Head Over Heels which I love :-) x

  6. The shade in the second picture is better one. I hope i find this in the market.

  7. Gorgeous! Wish we had TopShop here!

  8. I went to this Topshop today to buy lipsticks I've been saving for and they're BOTH out of stock. So disappointing... :( Sniff, sniff... X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!


  9. woah i thought it was gonna be like a bright red but its really nice must pick it up when im next in :)xxxxx

  10. @lalalucy1000 - Do give it a go Luce, I love it now x

    @ShangJ - I agree, worth the buy! x

    @The Makeup Fairy - Oooh lovely, I didn't see the cheek product, I will take a look x

    @Tiffo - I love this shade x

    @Catherine - I will have to take a look at that too x

    @sengence - They're the same shade just flash on and flash off x

    @G A B Y - It's lovely, do they not ship to where you are? x

    @Mademoiselle Lala - It will come back in stock I'm sure x

    @TuttyFruityBlogSpot - It's really subtle I really like it x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx