2 June 2011


Slimming World – Last Thursday I weighed in at SW and lost 2 pound, which meant I finally reached my 1 stone award (again), it’s been a long time coming but with a holiday coming up it was the push I needed to get my head back in the game. I get weighed tonight but don’t hold out as much hope as last week, we had a cheeky Nandos before the cinema the other night with a few sweets and chocolates from the pick-a-mix. I feel good though and according to my scales I have lost 1.5 pounds since last week, but I was naked and had an empty stomach so it doesn’t really count. I might have a go on the Wii tonight before I go to see if I can shift half a pound! Apparently there is some kind of Wii game called Zumba Aerobics or something like that. Could be interesting.

Look at the size of Darrens Steak to mine. This is a normal dinner plate! He couldn't  move after this! lol

Swimming – I have fallen back in love with swimming and have been making an effort to go twice a week after work for half an hour. Tuesday and Friday nights are swimming nights and last Friday I managed 40 lengths in half an hour a personal best for me since starting it up again. On Tuesday I only managed 34 lengths, the pool was packed and annoying children kept getting in my way.

Babies and dreams – I have reoccurring dreams where I am pregnant, usually at the start of my dream then by the end I am going into labour and giving birth. I have these dreams a lot and I know I’m really broody and want kids, like, tomorrow. But these dreams differ slightly in that there’s always someone famous there to deliver my babies at the end of my dream. When One Born every Minute was on I had the singer Cher (not Lloyd) deliver twins for me. This week it was none other than Cheryl Cole herself, now looking down and seeing her peering into your lady garden saying “Why I pet” is not a-ok with me! There are probably good reasons for these famous people appearing in my Zzzzzzzz’s CC has been in the papers/news a lot this week and when Cher made an appearance we had watched Burlesque on DVD not long before. Dreams are funny ol’ things, mine are anyway.

That’s about it for this weeks summary, I’ve been really boring due to the fact we’re going away soon so haven’t been buying anything. We’re going on a ‘big shop’ to Primark and Matalan before we go, get a load of vests, t shirts and maxi dresses.

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Thanks lovelies!


  1. I have the Zumba for the wii, it's pretty good. I don't bother with the movement tracking though I just follow the workouts and they only take 20 minutes :)
    I have pregnant dreams too, no famous people though! x

  2. I used to go to a zumba keep fit class twice a week, a friend of mine who also comes the class has just bought the zumba game for the wii and said its better than the class... so id say go for it. Ull be moving like shakira in no time :) :)
    Omg ur dreams are soooooo funny, I thought i have weird dreams... I once dreampt phil mitchell shot me in the head and I acyually woke up scared holding my head hahaha. Think your really broody for sure, I already have 3 soooo im far from any pregnany dreams ever again x x

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm a vegetarian so that meat is not for me! :) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


  4. Wow, well done on your swimming! 40 lengths in 30 mins is really good going :)

  5. @JadeyLou - Is it? I might get it when i get back from my hols then, try and get the holiday weight off! x

    @lalalucy1000 - Better than the class?!! I defo getting it. Your dreams are just as funny as mine! Phil Mitchell pahahaha! xx

    @TheMake-up Fairy - Thank you x

    @Ansa - Yeah it looks like great fun x

  6. Joining your giveaway! :)
    Oh, I also followed you! Nice blog BTW :)

    misskatv beauty straight forwards

  7. Well done on the weightloss. I go to Zumba, it's fab :).

    Sadie x



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