14 June 2011

Holiday Nail Polishes and say Hello to my liittle friends!

Afternoon you bunch of hotties! This afternoon I give you the nail varnishes I will be taking away with me to Turkey on Sunday.

Left to right
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Bright Pink (I don’t give this enough love!)
Nail Inc Haymarket (forgot how lovely this is)
Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious
Nail Inc Candy Orange

Sorry about my dry cuticles *note to self, must remember cuticles*

For this cute picture I used the polishes above then Konad white for the whites of the eyes and Vendetta (♥) by Chanel for the pupils, I don’t own a black polish. I also used a dotting tool that I got off eBay.

Vendetta is another polish that I didn’t show much love last year. Look how gorgeous it looks in the bottle!

Are any of my holiday polishes in your favs too?


  1. Awww they're so sweet! Lovely summery nail polishes :) xx

  2. Aww so cute I love Bright Pink too :-) x

  3. haha, your nail art/little friends are so cute! ^_^

  4. omg that nail art is stunning- totally thought they were stickers! xx

  5. @Jess - Thank you, they're quite summery aren't they x

    @Catherine - I do too but haven't given this one enough love! x

    @MSodapop - lol Thanks I took them off straight after, except my thumb I kept him x

    @Adele - Thanks, not just my dotting tool, I like getting a bit crafty x

  6. LOL! I love the eyes!!! I want to do that to my nails now. Haha.


  7. haha omg so cute! I was wondering what was on your nails! ^_^

  8. Aww what cute little friends you have! Haha, I love the way Bright Pink and Haymarket shows up on your nails. (: & that Chanel polish does look so freaking gorgeous in the bottle.

  9. I have been wearing Barry M Berry Ice Cream for a month I was so addicted to it. It is AMAZING! :)


  10. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies, I think I'll be trying this when I'm away! x

  11. you have quite a collection! your nails are so cute, I don't even notice your cuticles! I hope you have a blast on your trip ;)

    want to follow each other? I'm following you for more nail inspiration ;)

  12. I have Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious!! I adore itttttttttt <3 xXx I don't have any Chanel nail polishes, but i am thinking to buy 1 or 2 for my nail polish collection! :)


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx