8 June 2011


Hey girlies, apologies for my lack of posts recently, I’m a little busy at work and the weekends at the minute making sure we have everything before we go away.

A few weeks ago the lovely Irene from Blushingloves asked me if I would be interested in doing a little swap with her. For those of you that don’t know Irene lives in Greece and can’t get hold of the same kind of products as us and from her tweets/blogposts I think the postage is quite high? (Am I right?)

We agreed a price then gave each other an idea of what we liked then sent our goodies to each other.

Here’s what Irene picked for me

1 x Korres Cherry Lipgloss
“Cherry Oil hydrates the lips while vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection”

1 x Korres Orange Red Lipstick
“Mango Butter lipstick with SPF10, Lipstick with a rich, intense colour for a brilliant high shine and wet look. With Mango butter which leaves lips smooth and moisturised”

1 x Black eyeliner pencil
“Long lasting Cedar wood pencil. 100% natural base with herbs and vitamins”

2 x Korres Eye shadows (1 x Light Green and 1 x Lime)
“Velvety, easy to apply pressed eyeshadow, with sunflower and evening primrose oils that care for the delicate eye area”

1 x 1 Local Greek sweet
This sweet had melted a little but that won't stop me eating it! YUM

All these items were sent with a cute little card and message from Irene. I have never tried anything from Korres so I’m really excited to try the bits and pieces that Irene picked for me. I have been meaning to get a red lippie so can’t wait to try that.

Here’s some swatches of the lipstick, lipgloss and eyeliner, look how wet the lipstick looks!

Here’s a picture of me wearing the eyeliner and lipgloss. I love both these products, the eyeliner is super black and the lipgloss is a gorgeous colour!

The above picture was taken in the work loos (as ya do) before I went for a meal out with Darren ♥ for his birthday last night.

A massive thank you to Irene for doing this swap with me, I would be happy to do another if you wanted. I can see me getting addicted to these lipsticks!!


  1. Beautiful products & beautiful u :)

  2. I'm so happy you loved everything hun!!most of them are my favs!!And these look great on you!!You are soo Beautiful!!Also loved our swapie too!!!


  3. Aww this sweet is soft from honey doll!!its that way manifactured!!hahaha not melted!!!you gonna love it!


  4. Oooh those Korres shadows look interesting!x

  5. the shadows look beautiful!
    i must find those colors now. <3

  6. The Korres gloss looks gorgeous! :) You're making me want to buy loads of Korres products, haha!

    Nice blog hun

  7. Ohhh fantastic swap! I love Korres, both eyeshadows look fantastic. I also find Korres lipsticks very creamy and soothing! :)

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Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx