13 September 2010

Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Pink

Afternoon girlies, I promised Gem that I would give this pink colour by Barry M a whirl. So here it is.

It applies the same as the purple one but the colour pay off is a little darker than what it looks like in the bottle. It's a very very bright pink! Not one that I would normally wear on my hands to be honest, probably more one for the toes, as I like to be a bit more adventurous on my feet.

I think it's ok and I would defiantely wear it on my feet but for my hands I think I'll stick with what I know works best for my skin tone etc.

Do any of you have any Barry M varnishes? I've seen a beautiful coral coloured one in Superdrug, I wish I had grabbed it then!
Stacey x x x


  1. Ooooh I love it!!! Thank you for showing me! :) I know what you mean, I think this colour would look fab on your toes!


  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous! very girly and er, candyflossy. That is so a word! :P

    I've picked up a few of the Barry M polishes when Boots have them on offer - the black one stained my nails which didn't please me one little bit!

  3. @Gem - You're welcome hun x

    @Joy - I agree candyflossy! ;p I have my eye on a gorgeous green polish by Barry M too, it's like a jadey sort of colour. Mine were 3 for £5, such a bargain! x

  4. Ive been dying to try BarryM polishes but they dont say if they ship to denmark on their website and every single time ive sent them an email to ask i never got anything back :( gonna try again.. those look so gorgeous!

  5. Thank you honey, Barry M polishes are so good and dirt cheap! x


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