16 September 2010

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - 30 day Challenge

Hey girlies, I bought this mascara yesterday, I saw it in Closer magazine and thought I would review it. I don’t think I’ve bought a Rimmel mascara for aaaaages! I’m a fan of the big brush ie False Lash Effect by Max Factor, but for the next 30 days I will be using this everyday to see if it really does do what it says on the tin!

As the advert says the Accelerator mascara has grow-lash complex in it, with advanced ultra-lengthening formula, the lashes appear up to 80% longer instantly, lashes also appear up to 117% longer after 30 days. 117%??? WOW! Now I’m lucky that my eyelashes are quite long already, if this mascara makes them longer by 117% I might look a bit silly! We will have to wait 30 days for the results.

As I said above I am a fan of the big mascara brushes, I find these work best for my lashes, I used the Accelerator this morning and I have to say I’m not that impressed with it so far. It has separated my lashes nicely but as the morning has gone on it looks like I don’t have much on at all, luckily I have the mascara with me to add another coat.

Acceslerator on the left, Max Factor on the right
As you can see from the picture above the wand is a lot thinner than the False Lash Effect and feels a little ‘wobbly’. My first impressions I would say this mascara is ok if you’re after a more natural look. I, on the other hand, like my lashes to look full, thick and have loads of volume, I find this mascara slightly lacking in those important factors. I will carry on using for 30 days to see if they do look any longer. Keep your eyes peeled for the follow up post!

I bought the Accelerator from Boots for the introductory price of £6.99, this will be £8.99 after 6th October 2010.

Have a good weekend lovelies, I'm away this weekend with Darren ♥ but look forward to reading your comments/blogs on Monday

Stacey x x x


  1. I went into Boots yesterday and was going to pick Lash Accelerator up but I opened it and just thought it looked and felt very cheap. I'm sure I'd break the wand with how clumsy I am so I decided to leave it and wait to read more reviews on it!

    You have lovely eyelashes! I wish mine were that long :( Unfortunately mine are super short.

    I hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

    Gem x

  2. Hey Gem, thanks hun, it looks cheap and feels cheap, it will take a little getting used to, but I will do the full 30 days. Enjoy your weekend too x

  3. I am really afraid of that type of mascaras because it might irritate my eyes they are soo sensitive!
    I an't wait to see your
    results though (:

  4. Good info girl! I bought Rimmel mascara one time and did not really like the results. So I have been sticking with other brands.

  5. not really a big fan of Rimmel mascaras but I must admint to being a bit tempted by all the ads for this particular one. Looking forward to seeing how it works for you after the 30 days! :)


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