6 September 2010

My Brushes

Ello, ello!

My collection started with my first MAC brush a 217 (3rd and 4th brush in the pic) perfect for blending and fits nicely into the socket, I use it everyday. There are more MAC brushes I would like, roughly costly about £100 for 5!! They are expensive but I think worth it.

Then a trip to New York (concrete jungle where dreams are made of……lol) saw me buying the first 2 brushes in the picture, MAC 182 and a MAC 190. The 182 is perfect for my MSF in medium. I think a 190 should be a staple brush in anyone’s collection if you are a foundation fan!

I was at the Vitality Show in March and came across a Crown stand, now I nearly just walked straight past, lil Sis ♥ gave my arm a tug and said they do make-up brushes too. Of course they do, why would they be at the Vitality Show!! Doh. I got the pink brush, the 2 brushes to the right of that and the brush to the far right, that looks the same as the MAC 182 on the far left. For these 4 brushes I think it came to £11/12! They’re so cheap but top quality too.

The 5th brush is soooo old! My sister gave it to me when she was doing beauty therapy at college 10 years ago! I’ve probably had it 8 years and it has been washed so many times, the bristles aren’t as even as they used to be, but it’s great for packing on colour over a primer. The 9th brush I got from Superdrug, it’s the QVC range, a really lovely little brush, a good dupe for the MAC 242.

What brushes do you swear by? Does anyone have any Sigma brushes? I’d love to try one of those.

We’re getting there girlies! Monday is nearly over! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Stace x x x


  1. Nice collection :) I'd be very tempted by the MAC foundation brush because I dunno how people manage to get a perfect finish without a brush but it's such a huge amount to spend on a single brush!!

  2. I have a ton of sigma brushes, check out my site for reviews... they are really good. ;)

  3. @All Made Up - I agree they are kinda pricey but you will have them for aaaaages! They definately go the distance x

    @Justine - I just had a peek at your Sigma brushes, you have loads! If they were a bit more available in the UK then I probably would buy a couple for comparison x

  4. Love this post! Sooo jealous though.
    I have the MAC 190 - I may ask my boyfriend to buy me some more for my bday. :) x

  5. got to have good brushes:) I even buy some of mine at the craft store,they actually work well and are way less!

    cute blog im your newest follower :)

    check out mine to http://beautysecretsyouneed.blogspot.com/

    would love to have you follow too :)

    amanda :)


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