7 September 2010

E.L.F Powder Brush

Afternoon girlies - typical, the day after I do a post showing you all what brushes I’ve got, my E.L.F brush turns up that I ordered last week! My fault really, I should have waited. I bought the brush from HERE and I blame Laura (lollipop26) again for this purchase! Lol. I watched her YT video on MAC Face and Body foundation and she used this brush to apply it. I just checked the website and it's currently out of stock, it's a popular brush! It’s a bargain really, it only cost £3.50 but with £2.95 delivery. I don’t have said foundation just yet but it’s getting closer! I can feel it!

My first thoughts on the brush are that it’s just ok, as you will see from the picture below, the bristles aren’t quite even enough for my liking. Am I on my own on that one? Is that a bit OCD of me? But for £3.50 or £6.45 if you’re including delivery I can’t really complain. I’m also a bit nifty with a pair of scissors. I will do another post when I get my little mitts on MAC Face and Body foundation showing you how it applied and my thoughts on the foundation and the brush.

Do any of you have this brush? Or MAC face and body foundation?

Let me know your thoughts girls

Stace x x x


  1. Yikes! It definitely isn't even, I'd be exactly the same as you though. Elf's brushes are supposed to be good for the price though so I can't wait to see what you think of it after you've used it :)


  2. Oh, I can't wait for your review of MAC face & body. It's totally out of my price range (especially when I don't wear foundation usually), but I've heard some good things about it.
    Totally off topic for this post, lol, sorry! I have this brush and agree- it's not the best. I like to use it for blending out my blush, though.

  3. No never used this brush before. I like MAC brushes, though they are really expensive.

  4. I use this brush everyday for my foundation. I was the same as you at first but once you find that perfect foundation it works a treat :) xx

  5. I have this brush and use it for so much, i love it!!


  6. @Gem - Thank god I'm not alone! Keep an eye out for the review!

    @Steph - I know what you mean about price range, we're saving for a house right now, so this will be a right treat!

    @The Girlie Blog - MAC brushes are amazing but I think there are some great high street brands too, go on try a different one! lol

    @MissKatie - Ahh you do. Can I ask which foundation you use?

    @CinereaBellFlower - I'll keep you posted on how it works for me

    Thanks for all your comments girls x x x

  7. Yep, I actually ordered the brush to take my order over £30 (to qualify for free delivery!) and it works pretty well... I'm not a big fan of the stippling technique when it comes to foundation but this brush does as a good a job as any others I've tried :)

    Mine is months old now but even after many many washes it still has almost all of it's bristles - my pet hate is brushes that start shedding after their first wash!

  8. I have this brush since it came out... it's my favorite foundation/powder application brush! It's just the best! I think the elf professional brushes are really good for the price, and they can beat some high end ones (:


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