11 October 2010

Benefit 'Get Bent' brush (I think)!

Afternoon girls!
About 2 weeks ago I bought this brush on Ebay for about £4.50, I was so happy that I’d found one on there that I didn’t think to ask if it was genuine or a fake and in my haste I think I’ve bought a wrong ’un!

I’ve been practising my eyeliner every night when I come home from work, I love the way you can adapt the eyes shape with a simple flick of black eyeliner, if only I could get it right! I think less is more with me, I don’t really like a thick black line above my eyes as I feel it makes them look smaller. However, I do feel you need this black line when wearing false eyelashes to ‘hide’ the lash strip.

Please excuse the black under my eyes, this was taken after a hard days work and I had probably been to the gym too, that or it could be the rubbish Rimmel Accelerator Mascara! ;p

When I got this brush in the post I was so excited, I rushed into my make up den (spare room) to have a go but I was so disappointed. I used Blacktrack fluidline by MAC with the brush but I think the bristles are just too sporadic, hence the thick lines, I’ve had a few more tries with it but I’m just not getting it. Nic from Pixiwoo swears by the Louise Young brush. I’ve had a look on the Louise Young website and they have a store on New Bond Street, I could get there in my lunch break! ;p

Picture from Louise Young Website - brush is £10

Picture from Louise Young Website - brush is £6

You can buy the brushes online HERE.

Do any of you have the Benefit Get Bent brush, or the Louise Young brushes? What is your secret, how do you do that thin perfect line!?!

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Love Stace x x x


  1. love the love you created!!

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  2. ugh, I suck at lining my upper lid.. I really just can't do it..Maybe I should try a brush (:

  3. Hey Marisa, I'm with you I can't do it either, must keep practising! ;o)

  4. I guess my answer is almost one year later but just met your blog today.
    I do have the Benefit Get bent brush (now discontinued) and it's not worthy for what you wanted, 'cause it is somehow flufy, nevertheless it works really nice for using the Benefit Creasless Cream Eyeshadows as liners. Maybe it's just a matter of brand compatibility.
    What I use for my eyeliner is the tiny little brush that comes with the Shiseido accentuating cream eyeliner. Then, to perfect the line I use the Real Techniques Brow brush.


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