31 October 2010

Psycho Doll Halloween Look

Happy Halloween!! Hope you’re all having a spooky night!! I can’t say this look was all my own idea, I watched a few halloween make up looks on YT and thought this would be the easiest to have a go at. I bought the new Good Girl pallette by Sleek (review to come) and a one pair of very dramatic lashes. Darren ♥ was in the lounge playing the Xbox I walked in and he said “oooh scary” lol. That’s the kind of reaction I wanted. Those black things on my face are supposed to be 'cracks' in my porcelain face.

What do you think? Do I look scary or shouldn’t I have botthered with the make up? ;p



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Your eyes are sooo freaky! Honestly I thought you were just pulling a weird face at first - this is awesome and I have no doubt you'd terrify many a small child :p

  2. Stace - Faye here!!

    Ohhh i love it!! well done you!!looks very scary..

  3. Mum here,
    That is not you Trace !!! you look too scary ! great make up bubs love you xxx

  4. @All - thanks for your lovely comments, I really wasn't sure about putting this up but I'm glad i did x x x x x

  5. I am a disaster with make up...so your blog is very useful for me!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you follow me! I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

  6. creative! i like it, especially the lips!

  7. I've seen the original video, mean no offense, but it was better. It looks as if the eyes are pressed flat. But to be the first time you try this make-up is okay, because I guess you have not done it sooner!
    I will also do the makeup on Halloween this year, hope I succeed! :)
    Take care! / A Swedish girl


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