27 October 2010

Copycat No 2 - Pixiwoo Picture

Hi ladies
I had another go at copying one of Pixiwoos pictures in their facebook album, you can see the picture I was copying HERE

First I primed my eye using the tiniest bit of UDPP and I think it really is empty now! *sad face* Covered the lower eyelid with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, then using a MAC 217 brush blended this upto the brow bone. I used 3 Barry M dazzle dusts numbers 72, 78 and 90 for the colours. Then used the 2 matte browns from the Storm Sleek palette for my eyebrow. Stuck on a false lash strip by Ardell and there you have it. I loved using the dazzle dusts they were quite easy to use and the NYX pencil gave me a sticky base for the dusts to adhere to. I wish I didn’t have such baggy/wrinkly eyelids, where's my model when I need her!

I'm having so much fun copying these looks, thinking of doing a scary sort of halloween look - I won't need much make up! lol ;p



  1. That's a gorgeous eye look :) Love it! xx

  2. Hi Trace,
    Mum here........I love this one.. beautiful, but you missed the water line black pencil. I'm your Mum I'm allowed to say !! haha but its really gorgeous.. xx

  3. This looks fab! I love the 2 different colours under the eye. I think the dazzle dusts totally kick ass cos they're soooo easy to apply and last forever! looking forwad to the halloween inspired look :)


  4. You have really pretty eyes, and a confidence that shines through! I love looking at your pics...very pretty!!!
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    can you check it out or follow mine as well?...

    <3 Shelly

  5. Hi Stace,
    Faye here.. I love this look.. brings your eye color out..
    Mum - it would make Stace's eyes smaller - much better like this...
    I got 2 new Barry M Pots today will text you a pic!

  6. @Glimmer and Glow - Thanks hun xx

    @H - Thank god for Ardell! ;p

    @Mum - Thanks for the tip, Faye replied to you! lol xx

    @AllMadeUp - Thank you, I'm in love with dazzle dusts! I want so many. I'm thinking maybe now I shouldn't have said anything about the halloween look incase its rubbish! ;p

    @Vyile - Thank you, I'm following you too sweets x

    @Faye - Good girl, they are 2 for £7 in Superdug at the minute too! Woop woop! xx

  7. Which ardell lashes are those, they're lovely :D would love to buy a pair.


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx