7 October 2010

MAC Face and Body Review

Well Aloha!! It’s been a while I know, apologies again. I’ve missed you lot!

Aaah where do I start? After searching for the ‘perfect’ foundation I have finally found it in MAC Face and Body. This post and video from Carly finally nailed it for me. So, off I trotted to MAC to buy myself this foundation. The MAC assistant couldn’t have been nicer, she gave me a sample pot of the colour C3 to ‘try before I buy’. At first I was a little put out that I didn’t walk out of there with the full bottle of foundation (and maybe a sneaky eyeshadow) but after a few seconds I thought no she is right, at least this way I can use it a couple of times and if it makes me break out or I just don’t like it I haven’t wasted £23. Well, the MAC lady was bang on with my shade, its very light coverage but I actually prefer that to the feeling of it being caked on. I have dry skin on my face so have to be careful when applying foundation. I moisturise first then use Smashbox foundation primer for that silky smooth feel before applying MAC F+B, I use a pea sized amount (a big pea) on top of my Elf flat top brush, dabbing it on my cheeks first then stippling it around my face and really working it into the skin. The little sample pot lasted me a whole week!

The bottle is HUGE! You get a massive 120ml for £23 which I think is real value for money, it will be interesting to see how long this will last me. I’ve heard from reading other blogs and watching some YT videos that F+B doesn’t have a long shelf life, but can I find the expiry date on the bottle/box? Can I ‘eck! Can anyone tell me where it is?

On Saturday I went to MAC and bought the foundation along with a couple of other bits. I wanted the Studio Finish Concealer but the assistant said this might look too ‘cakey’ under the eyes as I was going to be using F+B as my foundation which is very light coverage, she suggested I try Select Moisturecover instead. I really wanted the concealer pot as I’ve seen/read so many people bang on about how good it is. The assistant persuaded me to buy the moisturecover in shade NC30, they don’t do a shade NC/W25 in this.

Moisturecover on left, F+B on right

From looking at the two next to each other the moisturecover looks very orange (this picture isn't showing the true colour of it) and I really wasn’t sure about the shade. But I’ve worn it everyday since Saturday and the foundation and moisturecover really go well together. I probably will still get the Studio Finish Concealer, it will be nice to have a choice on what to wear and for nights out when I do want a bit more coverage under the eyes, but being careful I don’t look like a Victoria Sponge! lol

I will be doing an OOTD/N of the playsuit I am wearing in this picture

I also bought the MAC 224 brush to add to my collection, a great blending brush, slightly bigger than the 217. The Pixiwoo girls use it for blending concealer under the eyes which was the reason I bought it. It works a treat! 

All in all this foundation will be with me for life, no more money spent on the wrong foundation! I do strongly advise you go to a MAC counter and get an assistant to help you with the shade. If they don’t offer you a sample pot ask for one, £23 is £23 after all!

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this post girls. Now go out and buy MAC F+B as it comes with a very high recommendation from me! ;p

Do any of you use F+B with Studio Fix Concealer? Do they work ok together?


Stacey x x x


  1. Great Review!

    I really want to try the MAC foundations - didn't look at the F&B but the rest of the range is too dark for me. Even the lightest shades appear orange. May still check the F&B out.


  2. i love the way make foundation feels, but its has white undertones and that doesnt show up well on my olive skin.

  3. @LatBeautyAddict - Do have a look at the F+B, you may be surprised. A while ago I bought a chanel pro lumiere and at the time I was very pale, I was conned into buying a product called Le Blanc de Chanel for £28!! Sheer illuminating base that she told me to mix with the foundation to make it even lighter x

    @Hershley's Sweet Kiss - Have you tried the new MAC foundation out at the minute there are a load of different colours, ask for a sample x

  4. What a great thing to know you never have to worry about buying new foundation again! It's the thing I hate buying most. I think I really need to try this now.

  5. I've been wanting to try this for AGES but cant bring myself to splash out on it after my last MAC foundation was such a disappointment! I think asking for a sample pot is a great idea cos £23 isn't exactly cheap. Looks gorgeous on you - natural yet flawless which has gotta be a good thing! :)


  6. Your skin look amazing with that foundation! You're really gorgeous too, so that helps ;) Finally MAC does a great foundation..

  7. @Marisa - Thank you hun, back atcha! This is my first MAC foundation so can't say anything about the others but I'm still loving it! x

  8. I've really been wanting to try this foundation :) it looks gorgeous on you! xx

  9. @Glimmer and Glow - Thank you, do try it, I'm still loving it. It's good to have a few! xx

  10. You can buy me this for Xmas Trace. xxx loving your blog . Mum xx

  11. Hi mum, i bought 1 of ur xmas pressies y/day! Getting organised this year! Thanx, i love blogging! xx


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