20 October 2010

♥ MAC Reflects Glitter Brilliants Red and Career Change!?! ♥

Morning girls, I have been lusting over MAC Reflects Red - I need this product!!! I watched Pixiwoos VIDEO and Nic used this on her friend Sarah, it looks stunning on camera so it must look even better in real life. I searched and searched for it on the MAC website but found out it’s a MAC Pro product. Booooooo MAC!!! I found 2 up for auction on Ebay however I missed both of these because I was at the gym. 1 of them didn’t sell so I contacted the seller but he hasn’t replied yet.

Image from google images

MUFE do a similar product called Diamond Powder, but this is £17.95 with £6 delivery from THIS website, it’s just too much. The Reflects glitter would be perfect.

Image from Google Images

Have any of you got MAC Reflects Red or Diamond Powder by MUFE? Are they as nice as they look on the Pixiwoo videos? (Sam used Diamond Powder on her birthday make-up vid)

Career change - I’m seriously thinking about doing a basic make up course, do any of you know of any or have any of you done any that you could recommend to me? I’m even thinking of spending my Christmas Bonus on doing a make up course Click HERE to see a course that I have found, it looks ok. You get a diploma certificate at the end of it and you can pay £129 Accreditation Fee for your NVQ. Do I go for the Make up kit for £53.99?

Another course is HERE, I think I prefer the look of this course you get the kit included (I should think so too for the price of the course!!). Although I know my bonus would really help towards mine and Darren’s ♥ house I feel make up is where I really want to be. Should I go for it? I think the main worry for me would be not getting any clients.I also worry that I've left it too late, changing career at 30 is a bit daunting to say the least. I would be self employed if I went with being an MUA, so no maternity cover. Ohhh what to do!!!

Any feedback is much appreciated girls, I don’t think I can stick it in this boring day job any longer!! 


  1. If you're not happy where you are, then change it (: Make sure you really research other places and do something you truly enjoy, because life is all about fulfilling our dreams one step at a time (:

  2. @Marisa, thanks for ur advice hun, i'm gonna talk to Darren tonight, see what he thinks of it :-) xx

  3. Left it too late? Stacey you're only 30!! My exs mum decided to become a midwife when she was 45 so it's never too late!

    I think the best option would be to do an evening course in beauty so that you still have the pennies coming in from your full time job.

    Once you're trained you could even cut your hours at work and do the beauty thing on a part time basis because you might not wanna put all your eggs in one basket (I'm sure you'd be busiest at weekends anyway!) If you spend the Christmas bonus on a beauty course you'll be investing it in your future n all that which cant be a bad thing :)

  4. @AllMadeUp - thank you, Darren & I had a chat last night & I am going to do the course and use my bonus to pay for it, after ive done the course. You're right i don't want to go leaving my job until some proper money comes in. Just have to find the right course now! Thanks for your advice, i really appreciate it xx


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx