31 March 2011

LUSH - The Comforter Bubble Bar

Hey girlies, sorry I've been MIA this week, we had an audit at work, back on top form now though. A few weeks ago Darren ♥ bought me the Think Pink giftset from LUSH which I blogged about HERE.

What LUSH say:-
“This fruity bubble bar gives the feeling of being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant. When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for purple water and creamy bubbles. The warm aroma of cassis absolute is relaxing so relaxing that you'll go to bed feeling happier and the world will seem brighter the next day”

In the giftset you get a massive 200g bar which the SA told Darren ♥ could be cut into 4, I was a little unsure of this but from doing this with other bath bombs (well cut into 2) I decided to listen to her, I’m so glad I did, just look at all the bubbles you get from one little quarter of this baby!

Darren ♥ has used more of this giftset than I have so it seems only right that I should ask him for a few words about his latest bath using The Comforter.

S: Darren how was your bath?
D: It was pink.

What you can’t see in this picture is Darren ♥ hoping from one foot to the other like a small excited child waiting to get in his bath. Telling me to ‘hurry up’.

If you haven’t tried this from LUSH please do, and let me know that you love it too! After using a quarter for my very own bath I ♥ it so much, it's a repurchase for me for sure

Special Thanks to Darren ♥ for your input in this post!


  1. i have to try this soap i want to smell like you could eat me!!! LOL

  2. I love male descriptions of beauty products. They are like stereotyped girl descriptions of cars - it's blue XD
    Stacie Kawaii Nail Art

  3. Awww a pink bath, how lovely!

  4. Haha I love the fact that Darren was jumping about getting excited about a pink bath lol xx

  5. This is my absolute FAVOURITE from lush! I actually got 6 baths out of it with a huge amount of bubbles, good colour to the water and left my skin feeling amazing :) xx

  6. @Idiosyncrasy +DTRW - LOL, it's lovely x

    @Stacie - lol! I know, it was so funny, Mum laughed at him too x

    @G A B Y - It really is a lovely bar hun x

    @Elle xox - I know, he's a big poof really x

    @Charli - Yeah I think I agree, I tried the Twilight Bath Bomb last night and loved that too xx


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