17 January 2011

Free Make Up Kit - Models Own

Hey girls, I’m sure you’ve all heard about this amazing offer at the minute with Fabulous magazine. Fabulous is the free little magazine you get with the News of the World paper on Sundays. Collect 2 tokens (last week, yesterday and next week) and receive £24 pounds worth of Models Own make up. Also with this offer is a 25% discount when shopping online (offer valid fom 16th January to 7th February).

Darren♥ and I went shopping yesterday in Tesco, before we went I said to him I must remember to take my token from last week. Of course being the scatty moo that I am I forgot. You can imagine my excitement when there in all it’s glory were the freebies just in some bucket to take! So take I did!. No one was there to accept my tokens so nobody asked for them. I picked one up for Mum♥, Faye♥ and myself and I have to say I’m very happy with it all. The eye shadows come in a duo and are named ‘Goldie-rocks’, they are a gorgeous colour and are very pigmented as you can see from the very generous swatch below.

If you have yesterdays paper lying about then you still have time to grab yourself this gorgeous freebie. Also today is the start of the free Clinique swap shop mascara deal I told you about HERE. Get ya skates on they won’t be there for long!


  1. Woww lovely!! These shades look gorgeous:))
    Hey Stacey plz follow my new website- http://www.chamberofbeauty.com
    Have a lovely week!

  2. haha I got this as well!! I think its really good for what you get.


  3. Nyahahaha! Oh you absolutely did take! Jealous! I should get one of those things!

    Maybe you should have gotten an extra one for a giveaway. ;)

  4. What a gorgeous little set! love the eyeshadows - perfect neutral shades I reckon :)

    I've kinda neglected the models own range, for some reason I always just wander past it in boots even though I've heard loads of great things about it. Looking forward to hearing what you think of your new goodies! ♥


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx