19 January 2011

Treat Street with Boots

Hey girlies, how have I missed this? I was on Boots website just browsing when I saw a banner for something called Treat Street, Treat Street is an online scheme where you receive points with other retailers to be added to your advantage card! You will receive 1 point for every pound spent and some of the shops are also offering 2 and 3 points per pound spent.

If you’re a Boots Advantage Point saver like me then this will be music to your ears too. Below is a full list of shops taking part in it; ASOS, eBay, New Look, Apple Store, iTunes and Figleaves to name a few!! I can’t believe I haven’t found out about this sooner!

Above are some of my favourite shops, also good to know for future is the Sky deal where you can earn up to 2400 points if you use the treat street link! That’s £24 in Boots! With that I will be half way to getting the Chanel Hydramax Moisturiser that I need. lol

Did any of you know about this? You lucky lucky girls if you did, I have spent loads of money online with ASOS and Figleaves especially last year just before we went on our hols. I've bought so many little bits and pieces for this blog off of eBay too. I’d be an Advantage Card Points Millionaire by now if I’d known!

For more information and to shop at Treat Street click HERE and save it to your favourites! When shopping through the Treat Street link you must make sure you stay on the page, don't open up a new one and start shopping on that, you won't get your points!

Happy Shopping ladies!


  1. I totally did not know about this! Damn, I could have a billion points by now! Thank you so much for letting us know. Definitely music to my ears indeed <3

    Love Britt xxx

  2. @Brittany - I know hun, horrible to think of all those freebies we've missed! xx

  3. Good luck with getting that moisturizer! I heard that it's an effective one. I'll definitely take a look into this! :)

  4. @Toni Tralala - It's been on my wishlist for so long, such a nice product. Do you have Boots in USA? x

  5. loving your blog... I'm following!

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  6. I only heard about this a few weeks ago which totally sukcs cos if I'd known in advance I'd have used it when I was doing all my Christmas shopping - I'd have an absolute fortune to spend in boots if I'd known!! :)

    Let us know how the moisturiser works out... I got a couple of free samples and it felt beautiful but can't quite bring myself to splash out ♥

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