21 January 2011

Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye Shadow

Hi girlies, I’ve had these beauties from Laura Mercier for over a year now, I bought them in New York in Sephora in Times Square (it’s the best shop in the world!) Nic from Pixiwoo done a Nicole Sherzinger inspired look on You Tube and she used these 2 colours, you can see the video HERE. I made it my mission to buy everything she used in the video because I loved the look so much. When I tried to do the look on myself I realised I just don’t have the eye space for these colours, I have quite hooded eyes so these colours are lost on me. However, click HERE to see one of my makeover posts I done on my sister using these crème eye colours.

My thoughts – I love them! As you can see from the picture a little goes a long way, they are so soft and creamy and blend really well. I tried these colours a couple of times on myself and mixed the 2 together to get a lighter brown shade which worked well too.

No Flash

With Flash

Now these beauts aren’t cheap they retail at £18 each, the tubes have 8.5g of product in them but like I said a little goes a long way so you will have these for ages! I got them cheaper in the states, maybe paying £13/£14 for them instead, I didn’t save loads but it all helps. You can buy them HERE from House of Frazer online, or instore.

On the HOF website there are 4 colours available altogether, Burnished Copper, Platinum, Gold and Rose Gold. I have Burnished Copper and Platinum already but I’d quite happily add the other 2 to my collection too.

Have any of you got these too? Aren’t they lush!


  1. I like the shiny colors. Yes, NY Time Square Sephora is a very good store.

  2. lust lust lust these laura Mercier eye shadows! I have a bunch of colors, and wear them all the time. They go on great, and blend so well!

    Agreed the Sephora in Times Square is so great!! Now following you!


  3. You've won an award! Check out my blog :)

  4. I'd never even heard of these before but even just from your swatches I can tell that I absolutely, definitely, positively need them! Like now :) They look like a more gorgeous version of the No7 stay perfect eye mousse products ♥


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