10 January 2011

F.O.T.D - My Mum

Hey girls, Mum♥ came to stay with me over Christmas and she kindly let me have a go at applying her make up. I used the MAC shades that I bought just before Christmas you can read my post about them HERE.

Mum♥ and I have very similar eyes in that they are roughly the same colouring and long lashes, but as Mum♥ has got older they have become a bit more sparse. Years ago when false eyelashes were all the rage Mum♥ never tried them because she didn’t need too. So after I had applied some individual lashes we decided to try a pair of my Ardell’s on Mum♥, she loved them! Very dramatic on her though, she kept them on whilst we ate dinner and watched a bit of TV. She said they felt very “false” lol. Sometimes when I apply my own lashes I can’t even feel that they’re on, but that’s on a good day. It takes a bit of practise.

The MAC e/s aren't really showing up their true colour in these pics, they look a bit pink, but Shadowy Lady is a dark matte purple. Maybe I should go darker for photos.

With Ardell False Lashes

Products Used

Estee Lauder Idealist pore minimising serum.
Nivea Soft Moisturiser
Chanel Pro Lumiere in No 10
Coralista Blusher by Benefit
MAC MSF in Medium
MAC Studio finish concealer in NW20

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC e/s Brule
MAC e/s Shale
MAC e/s Shadowy Lady
MAC e/s Vapour
Stila black pencil in Onyx
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Colossal Masacara in Black
Eyelure Individual lashes and Ardell 117’s
Storm Sleek palette 2 matte browns for the brows.

MAC Lipsglass in Nico

Doesn't she look pretty? Thank you Mum♥ for being my mature model, I really enjoyed it


  1. Faye here
    At last!! I love the lashes on you mum they suit you.. You have done the liner realy well on mum looks lovely!
    I love it!!

  2. It's your mature model here !!!! Isn't it funny , I don't think this looks anything like me but I had a lovely time having my make up done. The full false lashes are way too much for an old gal like me but it was fun trying them.(Plus it was murder getting them off as I got a lump of glue stuck on my lashes that would just NOT come off( it did the following day). I did like the individual lashes though. and Thank you Faye...xxxx
    Trace.....thank you for doing it, it all helps with your practising. xxx Mum

  3. Really lovely look - I think the eyes look fantastic and your mums skin looks so smooth and radiant (I guess thats one of the things that makes her a good model to practice on!)

    Oh and nice eyeshadow too! Reminds me a little of half baked by urban decay and it's the kinda shade I swear by ♥

  4. Great makeup! Your mom looks gorgeous =)

  5. your mum looks amazing :O good job babe! xx


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