13 January 2011

MAC – Tartan Tale

Hey girlies, my first day back at work was on 4th January I had an email pop into my inbox from MAC titled ‘Goodbyes’, I thought ‘it’s worth a look’ and look I did. I bought this gorgeous Smokey Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter set from the Tartan Tale collection for £27.50 and it’s gorgeous. My dear old Nan♥ gave me a bit of money for Christmas so I used that to buy it – Thanks Nan♥. Also with this order MAC were offering free delivery by entering code GOODBYES at the checkout. It came so quick too.

My favourites are Blue Brown, Dark Soul and Jigs and Jive. At first look I thought it has to be Naked but I was a little disappointed with this, as you can see from my pics it didn’t swatch too good, maybe it would be better with a base underneath, something like Bare Study by MAC *note to self, must try this*.

Blue Brown = Love it!

Jigs and Jive = Similar to my Barry M Dazzle Dust in No 39

Dark Soul = I can't wait to rock this on my next evening out!

Each pot has 2.5 grams of product in which will last me forever! Have any of you got this set from MAC? Any tips and tricks you have with them I would be most appreciated.

To own this gorgeous set click HERE to buy.


  1. I love this! Those colors are so beautiful! Great job with the pictures. I love the Jigs and Jives...maybe because it also sounds as good as it looks lol.

  2. I almost bought blue brown in america! The sales guy there must of made so much off of me that day haha. Its gorgeous! I love the multi tone pigments :) xo

  3. Darksoul really does look lovely!

  4. hi gorgeous lady!

    im giving you the lovely blog award :D!


    happy blogging!



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