31 January 2011

Molten Metal - Sleek

Hey girls, I finally got my mitts on Molten Metal by Sleek. My nearest Superdrug to work didn’t have it in for a good week or so, the SA told me to try Superdrug in Fenchurch Street station and bingo! Molten Metal is a metallic cream eyeshadow duo which consists of 2 gorgeous colours, Pewter and Gold Leaf.

Pewter on the left, Gold Leaf on the right

Sleek describes these as “Gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic creams that ignite the skin. Soft and fluid-like, allowing an easy application on décolletage”

Every now then a drug store brand tries to rip off a higher end product, these metallic eye shadows by Sleek are very similar to the liquid metals by the much loved brand Illamasqua. Illamasqua have 2 liquid metals called Surge (Molten Pewter) and Solstice (Molten Gold) that are very similar to Molten Metal. Unfortunately I don’t have these to compare against each other, I’m just going from the pictures on the website. See image below.

Image from Illamasqua website

 No flash
Pewter on the top, Gold Leaf on the bottom
With flash
As with the liquid metals by Illamasqua, Pewter and Gold Leaf from Molten Metal are prone to creasing and will need to be set with a gold/pewterish shade of eyeshadow, maybe Maui Wowie by Urban Decay. If you don’t do this you’re in trouble girls! Also with this kind of product you don’t want to use a natural hair brush, a synthetic brush is best, packing the colour on by pressing it rather than sweeping across the lid.

Look out for an F.O.T.D featuring this soon!

Did any of you manage to pick this up too? Any tips and tricks using this would be much appreciated!


  1. Wowww such gorgeous shades!! Love gold shades sooo much...!!!

  2. gorgeous colours!

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  3. these metallics are so lovely, i love the gold hues too(: great post(: and wonderful blog you have here with so much to offer(:



  4. amazing eyeshadow !!!

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