21 February 2011

Monday Summary

Hey girls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, here’s another Monday Summary for you all.

1 Slimming World – I lost ½ a pound this week at SW taking my weight loss to 12 pounds in total. I was quite pleased with this as I didn’t have the best of weeks and really shouldn’t have lost anything. My consultant told us a funny story of a lady at her other group who was losing half a pound putting a pound back on losing a pound then putting 2 on etc. The lady bought her food diary in the following week but hadn’t filled out the rest of Monday (Monday was her weigh in day). She said well I don’t fill that in because it’s treat day. It turned out after she was getting weighed she was going home having chocolate, fish and chips and then apple crumble and custard all washed down with a bottle of wine. When they totalled up her syns (you’re allowed 10-15 a day) she was having 166 after her weigh in alone, this explained why she wasn’t really getting anywhere on the scales. It made me think about my own journey and although I don’t have as many syns as that I do have a ‘treat’ day on a Thursday. So from this Thursday until next Thursday I have vowed to try the diet 100% and see if I can get my 1 stone award again. It’s so hard, my love for chocolate is growing with my age I’m sure of it. I never used to be bothered by it.

2 Wearing bright lipstick - On Friday I bought my sister another little birthday present. I treated her to Girl About Town by MAC a bright fuisha pink. I had planned on buying Vegas Volt for myself but my eye caught Up the Amp and I fell in love! When I showed it to Faye ♥ she wasn’t sure about it, she said it wasn’t a colour she thought I would wear, which is right, I’m a proper nude girl and love all the pale pink, nudes and peaches but felt like it was time to branch out a bit. I’m so pleased I did, I felt really confident and sexy, and I got a compliment as soon as we walked into the party we were going to. I have my eye on Russian Red by MAC next! Yay for bright lippies!! Look out for FOTN featuring Up the Amp soon!

Moi wearing Up the Amp by MAC = ♥ it!

3 One born every minute – This programme is on every Monday night at 9pm and shows pregnant women going into labour and having their babies in various different ways. I love this programme and I am very broody, I have been for years though. Does anyone else watch this? Do you dream about having a baby every Monday night too? I dreamt I was pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl and Cher (the singer) delivered them!?! The baby bit I can understand but Cher? Really? and no she wasn’t singing “if I could turn back time” lol. Darren ♥ often tells me about his mad dreams, usually running around fields with guns (that’s what black ops does to you)! My dream on a Tuesday morning is always an interesting listen on the bus to work; they must think I’m mad!

4 Missing friends and family – My family and I are from Northolt originally but moved to the Isle of Wight when I was about 9 years old (I think). I left the IOW five years ago and moved back to my roots, well just round the corner anyway. Something always pulls me back to the IOW maybe it’s just all the happy memories I have down there. Most of my friends are there and a majority of my family. I think it’s sad when you lose touch with friends and only use Facebook to stay in touch. What did we all do before it? Just never speak to anyone?? It’s a bit of a lazy way of staying in touch really. I miss girlie nights out and Sunday sessions down the pub with my mates, getting tipsy on cheap plonk and just having a giggle. Staying in touch shouldn’t be difficult and distance shouldn’t matter. Ring your girlies and stay in touch, after all, it’s good to talk x

5 Baking, I found my love for baking again this week and made my sister 2, yes 2, Lemon Drizzle cakes. I made her the first one last Tuesday and surprised her with it at her work as she had the day off the next day for her birthday. Then she fb’d me asking me to make her another one as she didn’t get much of the last one. I wish now I took a picture to show you because it came out a lot better than the first. I don’t have a fan assisted oven and I hate it. I have to play about a bit with the ingredients to get it to rise. So I made the 2nd cake for her party on Friday, for which I drank too much red wine and probably ate too much cheese! I’m keeping positive for SW though.

Well that’s it for my summary. Do you think I should continue with these posts? Let me know girls, I won’t be offended if you think I should quit while I’m ahead.


  1. Hello Trace,
    Mumsy here, I love that colour lippy, it really suits you. 12 lbs off is very good, I wish I could do it. Cher as your midwife makes me laugh, perhaps you can book her up now eh ?
    Miss you too love Mum xx

  2. @Mum - Thanks Mum, yeah I'd like about another 12lbs off too, slowly does it though, I'm not gonna give up on life completely just to get there, you have to have a break every now and then. Cher? I know! No dreams last night though xxx

  3. Faye here...

    I love the Monday summary!!! Keep the Monday Summary alive!!

    Man I luv cake!! i have nearly finish the cake now so time to start another.. :) Orange maybe.. ok maybe not yet..
    Love you too big sis!! xxxx


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx