28 February 2011

Monday Summary

1 Slimming World – I lost 1 pound at SW bringing my weight loss to 13 pound! I’m so pleased with myself, I put in a bit more exercise since my last weigh in, also I had a big night out the night after weigh in (Cheese and Wine night) so knew I had to be extra good so that the scales would show a loss. I have 1 more pound to lose and I want it so bad! I’m upping my exercise again this week in a bid to get that 1 pound off, heck I might even get into the previous stone if I’m extra good!

2 Nintendo Wii – Darren ♥ bought me one of these a long time ago with me promising to use it everyday ‘even for just half an hour’. I did good at first, then I joined the gym and the Wii got forgotten about. When I jumped back on the Wii a month before Christmas it said Congratulations you have lost 7 pounds since your last weigh in. I was over the moon. I had a break over Christmas but now I am in full swing with it and I love jumping on to see if I’ve lost any weight and watching my Mii character get slimmer. She was a bit podgy when we first got it. Darren ♥ hasn’t been on it since we got it and his little Mii character has fallen asleep! It’s quite funny.

3 Getting presents *happy dance*  - I got home from work on Friday to a massive present from Darren ♥ it’s a Think Pink gift set from Lush. Darren ♥ bought it for me for no reason other than he loves me! Ahhh love him. I will be doing a more in depth post about it soon and each individual bubble bar, bath bomb and moisturiser in it! So keep ya eyes peeled.

4 Tums and Bums – I went to this class on Saturday morning and really enjoyed it, I heard there was a new instructor which I’m pleased about because the one before was 20 mins late the last time I went, I was furious! I ache today though and I’ve got another class to go to tonight! I will get that last pound off!

5 Missing Darren ♥ - He has a lot of work on at the minute, working all hours he can so we can add the money to our deposit pot, bless him. Before Christmas there wasn’t so much work about and for us it was all about lazing on the sofa at the weekends, watching films and just being together. As much as I like my own time every now and then, I do miss his company when he’s not there. Then when he gets home he’s so tired he falls asleep on the sofa and isn’t his usual funny self. Think of the money Stace!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome! I've been slacking a lot lately with emotional eating.. I've gained 4 pounds.. but oh well it's just weight (:

  2. @Marisa - Thanks honey, I'm an emotional eater too, since being with my partner i put on 21 pounds so I'm desparate to get it off. Slowly does it x

  3. Big congrats on losing 13lbs so far! thats seriously good going, esp at this time of year when there's nothing as appealing as a massive pile of comforting fatty food :) And brownie points for Darren for just randomly picking up a nice little pressie for you... I reckon those unexpected gifts are the best kind ♥


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx