22 February 2011

MAC Lipsticks x 2

Hey girls, I went to MAC on Friday as I wanted to buy lil Sis another birthday present. Faye ♥ loved the colour of the lips I done for the B U B B L E G A R M competition entry and it did really suit her. I knew what colour I wanted to get her, Girl about Town by MAC. I was also going to treat myself to Vegas Volt by MAC but Up the Amp caught my eye and I decided to go for that instead.

Girl about Town - left, Up the Amp - right

I swatched them on my hand in MAC but Up the Amp appealed to me a lot more than Vegas Volt, it was a lovely colour, but decided I would definitely wear Up the Amp, Vegas Volt looked a little scary to be honest. Both the lippies I bought are amplified creams so are super soft on your lips. They have a gorgeous smell to them too, like vanilla ice cream!

No Flash

With flash

I’m in love with my new lipstick and can’t wait to buy more bright and daring colours. I have never worn a red lipstick out before mainly because I used to smoke and I’m a little bit conscious of my teeth. I know there are some reds that can make your teeth look whiter, I will have to investigate further! Bring on the bright lipstick!

Is it a blue toned red that makes your teeth look whiter?


  1. lovelovelove Girl about Town.
    I wish I had the courage to wear such bright colours. :D

  2. 2 brilliant lipstick choices you made !!! love the colours!!

  3. @Harrriiiet - I defo preferred Up the Amp to Girl about Town, it's very bright! x

    @Steph - Thanks hun, me too, I will be buying more x

  4. Girl about Town is gorgeous!! Love it :)



  5. Ohh gorgeous colours! I love the look of Girl About Town xxx

  6. Girl about Town is very pretty!

  7. I might actually sport a bright lipstick today! I like the look of these :) xo

  8. @R.- It was a lovely colour, so bright x

    @Glimmer and Glow & G A B Y - It was a gorgeous colour and really suited my sister x

    @HannahsBlogger - Do it, I felt so good wearing mine x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx