8 February 2011

Monday Summary (A little late)

Hey dolls, this post was all ready to go up last night but my connection at home was rubbish so here it is. This is a new feature on my blog, they will hopefully be a weekly thing of what good (or bad) things have happened including the weekend. I rarely get time to write my blog at the weekend, there’s so much to do at home, I use a laptop all day at work so it’s nice to give my eyes a break.

Slimming world - I have been a member of SW since November last year and so far have lost 12 pounds, I went on Thursday last week and gained 2 pounds, I’m a little bit disappointed in myself because I know I can do it. Before Christmas I was loving SW and loved it that I was losing 1-2 pound a week steadily. Christmas is probably my favourite time of year and to say I overindulged is an understatement!! After my Christmas break I put on 4½ pounds when I returned to SW, I thought ‘that’s ok’ and ‘I can get that off’ but the chocolate has got me, I consumed enough Galaxy Ripples and Crème Eggs last week to last me a lifetime….. well not quite…… about 4 Rips and 2 Eggs, but that’s a lot for me. It was my TOTM though and the word on the street is that it can affect your weight loss. I had a little chat with myself in the car on the way home and decided to really go for it this week and hopefully see a big weight loss on the scales! I got my 1 stone award just before Christmas and I’m desperate to get back there.

Zumba - I went to my first Zumba class ever on Saturday morning, I really wanted to enjoy it, I’d heard so many of my friends going on about it on Facebook and decided to take the plunge and go to a class, I wasn’t that nervous as I’ve been to many an aerobic class. Everyone in the class had clearly been before and knew all the moves to the routine. They jumped into it and I just had to pick it up as we went along. The next bit of the routine everyone knew except me, this is when the instructor told me to ‘pick it up Stacey’!! Pick it up? I hadn’t even been shown what moves we were to be doing and to top it off her husband was there filming it to be uploaded to You Tube! As soon as the class had finished I ran to my car effing and blinding, swearing to never go there again. There is a class starting up on a Tuesday up the road from where we live and maybe that class will have a better instructor. Surely if there were new people to the class that had never done it before you should show them what kind of routine we would be doing rather than just flapping about trying to copy what everyone else was doing? I left feeling really annoyed, I’d wasted £6 on that and I wanted to enjoy it so much more. This class all added to me losing weight at SW, I don’t think it helped that much at all. I wanted to be aching the next day after this class, instead I ached more walking from the restaurant to Cirque Du Soleil! (see below)

Cirque Du Soleil - Darren♥ bought me/us tickets to see this for Christmas, we went on Saturday night and had the best night ever. First up we went to Black and Blue for dinner before the show, I had King Prawns to start, then a Rib eye Steak with chips (cooked medium) all washed down with 2 glasses of red wine. I would love to tell you that this was all food optimising on the SW diet but I’m afraid not. What happened to my will power? Why did the words ‘No chips for me please’ not come out of my mouth when ordering?? Cirque Du Soleil is on at the Royal Albert Hall. I loved everything about the show especially the make up it was amazing. The strength and stamina of the performers is incredible. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you went, click on the link and watch the little video on the website (45 secs), the make up on that alone is amazing.

Image from google images

Illamasqua – 2 hour Night Diva course, Faye ♥ bought me this 2 hour course for my birthday; it’s at the Beak Street studio in London. I’m counting down the weeks until this course and I’m super excited about going! Thank you again Faye ♥ x. Read my full post about the Illamasqua Night Diva Course. Save 25% on your booking by quoting 'Metro25'.

Sundays – I love Sundays, lazing on the sofa watching films with Darren♥, catching up on You Tube vids whilst Darren ♥ plays Black Ops, I even love the huge ironing pile I have to do, all whilst watching Come Dine with Me, I even watch the repeats! Ever since I can remember I used to say to my Mum ♥ a cup of tea always tasted better on a Sunday than any other day of the week and I still stand by that now. I hardly ever drink tea at home except the weekends and Sunday tea is the very best of the week.

Well that concludes my Monday summary; I hope this week will be as eventful as last week!

Have any of you tried Zumba before? Do you think I should try it again?


  1. I love Black and Blue - amazing burgers.

    And I went to Cirque de soleil, wasnt as impressive as last year I thought.

    Brilliant blog, I'm following!

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  2. @Milly - Hey hun, thanks for following, never had a burger there before, I'm a real steak girl myself. I loved Cirque du Soleil, there's a different one each year isn't there, I'd go next year too x


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