23 February 2011

Estee Lauder - Lotions and Potions

Hey dolls! For Christmas Darren ♥ bought me 2 products by Estee Lauder. Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher and Advanced Night Repair. The reason I haven’t written about these sooner is, I wanted to give both these products a proper trial before recommending/putting you off them.

Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher

What they say:-
“Pore Diminishing Technology
Makes enlarged pores look virtually invisible by treating their appearance from the inside out.

• Immediately begins to dissolve away pore-clogging debris.
• Dead skin cells are continuously cleared away.”

I couldn’t agree with this more, this product really has changed the size of my pores. It has a beautiful citrus smell to it and works lovely as a base under make up, kind of like a primer. EL do say to moisturise after use, I have quite dry skin on my face so I always moisturise anyway. Below are a couple of reviews from the EL website from fellow Idealist lovers like me.

Visible Results - fast!
Date: 05 January 2011
I love how you can see results from this product from the first application. I've been using it for over 4 weeks now and my skin is looking better and better as the pores become less noticeable. Really pleased with the results.

Lovely Product
Date: 24 November 2010
Best For: ideal make-up base
this really suits my skin - glides on and skin instantly feels better, smoother, brighter. Make-up has stayed fresh all day. Any primers or serums I've tried in the past have made my T-zone oily over time but this one hasn't. Yes it's an extra product to apply but I haven't needed to blot or touch up make up at all all day so I definitely think it's worth the extra seconds in the morning. Love the smell, no reaction at all to my skin which is normally highly reactive to fragranced products.

Now these products aren’t the cheapest out there, but with results like I’ve had it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve been using them everyday since Christmas day (give or take the odd day) and I still have loads of the product left. I will do another post when they finish. Right now I can say that I will definitely be repurchasing.

30ml for £37.00, 50 ml for £50.00; Darren ♥ bought me the 50ml bottle and when he handed it to me Christmas Day he said “this is what you call extortion!” lol £100 for 2 products, he thinks I’m mad but they are so worth it.

You can buy this product HERE.

Advanced Night Repair

What they say:
“We've always known that environmental assaults can damage skin cells and their DNA. In fact, environmental damage is the #1 cause of premature signs of ageing.

New discovery: Today's environment is even more damaging than ever. All day, every day, your skin is assaulted by stresses from the environment, including air pollution, the sun's ageing rays, cigarette smoke, and even emotional stresses of modern life.

All of these different assaults can cause DNA damage to skin cells that may appear on the surface later as lines, wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

Advanced Night Repair
Fortunately, Advanced Night Repair's extraordinary technology helps skin to repair the appearance of past damage and help prevent future damage.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I opened this, I thought it would be more like a heavy duty moisturiser but as you can see from my pic it’s more of a serum. EL say to apply this before your moisturiser, before you go to bed. It takes no time at all and I can really see a difference in the morning. I’m loving this serum so much, I’m using a night time moisturiser by Olay at the minute but saving my Boots points like mad for Chanel Hydramax. I think those two products together would have me looking 10 years younger in no time! Lol I wish!

Here are a couple of reviews from fellow Night repair lovers:-

“The results are amazing !!
Date: 17 February 2011
Best For: Smoothing Lines, All Skin Types, Brightening, minimizing pores
This is my 2nd purchase of EL. I have been using this for only 5 nights and the pores on my face are getting smaller. My acne scars are fading and the skin feels smoother..I'm definitely buying this for my mom before I go back home...A GREAT PRODUCT ...AN

“Very Impressive Product
Date: 23 November 2010
Best For: Wrinkle Reduction, Brightening, Smoothing Lines, All Skin Types
This is my first EL purchase and I am extremely impressed. Comfortable to apply, no reaction at all with my very sensitive skin. A chicken pox scar on my cheek is fading after a week of use. I will most definitely continue to use this product for a very long time”

30ml bottle is £39.00, 50ml bottle is £51.00

You can buy this product HERE.

Estee Lauder have been around for what seems like forever, however these 2 products are my first purchases, next I want Daytime Plus which has a moisturising tint release in it which appears as you apply it. Again this isn’t cheap, £32 for 50ml, I saw a few of these on eBay for £24 so may be worth a look there.

Have any of you tried these 2 products? Do you love them too? Sorry for the massive post, just wanted to give you as much info as possible.


  1. your blog is so informative and lovely, i don't remember where i stumbled upon it but i am glad i followed. thanks for these wonderful posts :)


  2. @eylul - Ahh Thank you love, I do try lol x

  3. Great review! I want to try the Night Repair :)

  4. @Vanessa - Hey hun, oh do try it, you won't be disappointed. I think EL products are pure luxury! Pamper yourself! x


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