4 January 2012

Blog round up – Christmas, New Year, Resolutions

Happy New Year my beauties!!! Forgive me for not blogging in over a week, I had a few scheduled posts to do and I had every intention of doing some make up looks whilst I was off for nearly 2 weeks but the sofa was too comfy, the films were too good, the company even better and the Pringles were delish! (Sorry Weight Watchers)


Please don’t take these pics as me bragging about my Christmas presents these are just a few bits and pieces. There was definitely a theme to my presents this year. I received no make up bits, but I didn’t want any really (WTF??) Emma ♥ (sister-in-law) bought me a load of Cupcake bits and pieces, she’s a crafty moo it’s her birthday in January! I did ask for a cupcake book, I got 3!

3 cupcake books, cupcake stand, giant cupcake mould, vaseline (x4 inside) Alien perfume, Sony Camera LUSH box

Darrens Aunties Christmas Tree

Me and my glam Mothership (Mum)

Darren made Paella for Mum YUM!!

I made Coffee and Walnut cake for Boxing Day

Having a play with my new camera

Red Velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Book

New Year Eve

As I’ve got older NYE just doesn’t do it for me anymore, there was a time when I was out with the best of them paying money to get into my local, sloshing drinks everywhere on the dance floor and kissing strangers with a ‘Happy New Year’. I’ve been with Darren ♥ for 3 years and we haven’t been out once for it, last year we were both ill and in bed by 11.30pm. This year we stayed in, had a few drinks, watched the fireworks and that’s about it. It was perfect, texted family and friends. We did wake up with a little hangover January 1st but nothing a KFC couldn’t banish. (Sorry Weight Watchers)

My New Year Resolutions

I can’t say I really made any resolutions as such the main ones were probably to stick to Weight Watchers after my first weigh in after Christmas next Monday and to do it properly this time but I remember saying that last year and in fact I weigh exactly the same this NYE as I did last year Hmmmmm! (maybe I’m meant to weigh this much?) This is the year! I can feel it. I also said I wanted to try different things exercise wise. My mother ♥ has lost 2 stone mainly doing Zumba (and eating a healthy diet) so I’d like to try that and also Bikram Yoga (the sweaty one). I’m fed up with my gym at the minute, I stick to the same classes and I’m very bored with it. I love swimming so would like to get back into that too.

Took Mum for her first ever Nandos! She loved it!

Blogging Resolutions

I have to find the time to change the layout on my blog, it needs a little refresh and I need to get a bit more organised with it, like scheduling posts, I find I run out of time to write them up and I do go on a bit. Can ya tell?

If you’ve got to here, well done beautiful! Haha. Here’s to another year! Ching Ching!


  1. Happy new year! and good luck with your blog resolutions

  2. Hello Trace, lovely blog post, thank you both for a lovely little holiday. Nandos was gawjus BUT back on the sensible eating again, and was back to Zumba today and I loved it. 5 lbs on over Xmas.....that is coming off as quick as I can do it. . Love you Mum ( MS )

  3. I love the cupcakes!

    Glad you had a good xmas and quiet new year! See I have had quiet new years for ages (well not quiet still drinking at friends) but coz of kids dont go out out! Ah well all good things come to those who wait!

  4. I see a lot of food. Must have been a delicious time.

    Your blog looks great. But yes, a new layout would be a refreshing start for the new year.


  5. ohhh. love cupcakes !

    so glad you spent some nice holidays :)

    Good Luck for 2012 :)

  6. Liking the cupcake themed presents!
    I haven't been out for NYE for at least 5 years, I like your style!

  7. Look at all your presents! So beautiful!
    Now following anyway :)


  8. wOW LOVE ALL YOUR CUPCAKE BITS!! you luck girl hun!! Looks like you had an amazing christmas, love your tree!! Happy new year hun, looking forward to seeing you soon!!

    Laura xxxxx

  9. @Janella - Happy New Year to you too hun x

    @Mothership - You're welcome, it was lovely having you up. 5lbs aint that bad, by my scales I've put on 3 but I still have another couple of days of indulgence til I get weighed Monday! Love you xx

    @Claire - Me too! Sounds good to me, I'd rather go round friends and drink indoors than at a pub, i hate it! xx

    @Girlie Blogger - It was yummy! I will start working on it Thank you xx

    @Chiara - Thank you hun, I will defo bake something soon! xx

    @Gaelle - I'm so pleased with all of it, I love anything cupcakey. I like your style too! xx

    @El'x - Thank you x

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  11. aw you look so much like your mama (:
    i'm so jealous of your cupcake presants!
    looking wonderful as always xox

  12. Happy New Year, love the cupcake selection! I love NYE but never venture out anymore we always have parties at ours!


  13. What a pretty Christmas Tree! :) I love cupcakes!



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