18 January 2012

Lil Lush Pud = no thanks, I'll pass!

Hello gorgeous girlies (and fellas if there are any). Much to my dislike Christmas is well and truly over for another year. I got two exact same Lush gift sets from Darren ♥ and his Mum ♥ and they had spoken about it! Doughnuts! Anyway I’m not complaining because as some of you are aware I am a bit partial to a lush bath.

The lil Lush pud screams Christmas to me because a; it looks like one of my favourite desserts and b; it does smell LUSH! (see what I did there?) just like all my favourite things at Christmas. This is the second Christmas bath bomb from Lush that I dislike, read my post on Cinders HERE. I was so disappointed with it as you can see from my photos, it doesn’t exactly make you want to get in it. As usual I had a passing comment from Darren ♥ saying my bath looked like s**t and it would get me more dirty than clean.

Beautiul isn't it! - NOT!

I don’t usually write bad things about Lush but I have to say this was a major disappointment, I didn’t even stay in it that long. Give me the normal bath bombs over the Christmas ones any day!

The remains of the holy, this was floating around in the bath - YUK!

I got two of these Lil Lush puds and tried palming the other one off on Darren ♥ but he was having none of it.

Am I alone in this? Are there any other Pud haters?


  1. Oh I didn't like this either, love the smell but the bath actually put me off it in a massive way! Although I think that the rocketeer and Satsumo Santa were amazing from their Christmas range! xxx

  2. It looks a bit pee-esque doesn't it? You poor love. What a waste of a bath! xxx

  3. I liked the smell...but was not a fan of getting in a bath that looked, quite frankly, as though it was full of wee-wee. I'll stick to something girlie and frothy in future!

  4. This was the first LUSH bath bomb I ever tried and I absolutely hated it. I have to agree with Darren, it made my bath look like sh*t too! It didn't smell a thing to me and it did nothing for my skin either. Disappointing ):

  5. I agree, doesn't look a very appealing colour!

    Great review! xx


  6. this one is grossss i hated it


  7. Your idea is good in your way.But i dont like too:(

  8. I'm so glad you all agree @Charli I tried the Satsumo Santa last night loved it! xxx

  9. Not sure about the maggot like green bits there


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