28 January 2012

MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara – Review

Good Morning beautifuls! I am back once again…….the review master (there’s a song in there somewhere). Believe it or not I’ve had this mascara since April last year and have only just brought it out the drawer to use, properly.

It was my Sisters ♥ before mine and she gave it to me to review for my blog after already telling me she didn’t like it I didn’t have that high hopes for it. As much as I love MAC I don’t hear that many good things about their mascaras. I also think you can buy drug store mascaras for a lot cheaper and do the same job.

I was so wrong, I love it now, even though I’ve had this since last April the product is like brand new. It is a little gloopy and wet but with any mascara it will dry out. This retails for £18 which is a little steep but for the results it gives it is a nice treat.

This is the pink brush, not alot of product and easily buildable, love it.

This is the big sparkly brush, so much product comes out on the brush, I've already scraped some off on the tube. So good for making lashes BIGGER!

For daytime I use the pink end which has a smaller brush and picks up less product then to vamp it up for the evenings I use the sparkly ended brush (this purple would also be a nice colour for a nail polish non?).

I'd love a nail polish like this!
The below photos were taken on different days so I'm wearing slightly different make up but the results are there. For some reason my bottom lashes in the second photo look the same length as the top. This mascara adds so much length, I’m really pleased with the results. I hate my lashes to look too covered in mascara, so that they look like fluffy spiders legs.

This photo was taken not long after my hols in June so my lashes do look quite healthy

Jeez! My bottom lashes are outgrowing the top! Look at the length, I could have done with a bit of liner on the top I suppose. It was just for Nando's though. =D

Laying in bed watching TV later that night Darren ♥ tried to pull them off, he thought they were false! I’m kicking myself for having this in my vanity case for so long without using it, what a waste, but in another way Yay! I have a new mascara that I love!

Who else has tried this? Do you love it too?


  1. I love the packaging and totally agree the purple would be a gorgeous polish. This looks gorge on your lashes, but think you have nice lashes anyway :-)

  2. I'm planning to review this mascara soon too, so it's interesting to see what you think of it. I like it much more than I expected as MAC mascaras do tend to have a poor reputation. Your lashes are so long - well jel! xx

  3. It looks really black! I had the false lashes mascara from MAC and I loved it.


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