26 January 2012

LUSH - Satsumo Santa - Review

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a good weekend. After my disgust at the Lil Lush Pud (read my post HERE) I knew this little beauty was going to be good. I’d seen a couple of tweets about it on Twitter and seen a couple of reviews on it too.

Ahhhh aint he cute!

This bath bomb to me is the perfect blend that I love and the colour my bath went was unreal! I love the way Lush describe this on their website too “A British fusion of an orange in the bottom of your Christmas stocking, and the Japanese tradition of splitting a yuzu orange and putting it in your bathwater at Winter Solstice.”

Look at that orangey goodness!

I can’t help but mention my beloved Dragons Egg whenever I do a LUSH post but Santa and the Egg have the same citric scents that just make me want to dive straight in. To me Santa wasn’t that moisturising on my skin and did leave me feeling a little dry but I go through moisturiser like no ones business so that’s not a problem. The Dragons Egg does have a gorgeous soft silky feel to it, I missed that with the ballistic/bomb.

Now this is the kinda bath I want to jump in!

It’s a shame the Satsumo Santa is only around at Christmas, I would definitely think about purchasing this one throughout the year. Can’t they make it into a ball? I’m not sure how much these retail for because they are a Christmas item and I got mine as part of a gift set. If you know then please let me know below.

Counting down the days until I can get another one of these and Christmas of course!


  1. What a cute little thing. It turned your tub all orange.

  2. Looks like plunging in a big tub of jelly, love it!


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