28 November 2011

You Tube Video - Haul #2 - New Look, Vivio Cosmetics and Superdug

Morning sugarplums!

Did we all have a good weekend? I did, it was very relaxing. I made a batch of low fat cupcakes (recipe to follow). They were 9 pro points on Weight Watchers, the only downside is I ate 3 of them! I'm getting weighed tonight, hopefully I will stay the same. I can't see me losing much more weight before Christmas, I have loads of work stuff on. I'm also meeting my girlies for tea and a cupcake on Sunday!

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Haha! I look so confused in this thumbnail!


  1. Love your accent. But then again, you probably think we have an accent (in America). Love your hair. You look just like Kim Catrall.


  2. Love the Revlon polish – because my blog is purple and black I really think I should buy this! (any excuse, eh?) I’ve spotted a few VIVO goodies in my local pound shop and wasn’t sure if they’d be worth picking but judging by the highlighter and fake lashes they might be worth trying :)

    I’d love to try the NYX lipsticks but they’re about 4 quid each on the uk site so I’ll be browsing ebay for some NYX bargains ♥


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