23 November 2011

LUSH - Golden Wonder

Hey dollz! On my recent shopping trip to Westfields (I’m going again on Saturday!) I popped into LUSH to grab myself a Dragons Egg, you can read my full post on this gorgeous bath bomb HERE.

The SA also made me get this new Christmas bath bomb; Golden Wonder. I love that it already looks like a little present itself and it kind of was, a little present from me to me. I was sold on the fact it had glitter in it (just like my beloved Dragons Egg) and the promise of stars pouring out of it! I was a little bit disappointed that the stars didn’t hang around a bit longer, they dissolved. This bath bomb fizzes into action immediately, the gold quickly turned to blue then to green with a gorgeous fine glitter shot through it.

Look at the pretty stars and goldness - Ahhhhh

Nothing like a good soak to wash the day away!

I wallowed in it like the beast I am, sucking up the fresh orangey/limey smell, relaxing with a good book. This was short lived, for those of you that have been with me for a while will know that my other half is a bit partial to a LUSH bath too. He took one look at my golden green bath with floating stars and stripped naked, plunging his size 12’s into my bath. Which was now ‘our bath’. What Joy! =D

One tip I do have for you though to avoid a royal rollicking like me, make sure you wash the bath out after, we both forgot (which of course was my fault) and had to put some serious elbow grease into cleaning the damn thing.

Pick one of these up ASAP before they go out of stock because they are seriously good. I still have my Dragons Egg for this weekend. Fingers crossed Darren ♥ is at work!

You can buy Golden Wonder from LUSH HERE.


  1. ahhh the bath looks so nice!!! x

  2. Too funny, my other half is also named Darren, a size 12 and pirates my lush baths. Literally made me snicker while reading!

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing!! I wanna get myself one!! xxx

  4. Oooh I don't know but from the look of it, I wasn't expecting it to turn the bath green! How cool!

  5. This sounds so nice! I haven't even been to LUSH yet since their Christmas products came out! You've reminded me to go ASAP :) xx

  6. Wow, can't believe I overlooked that one on my recent trip to Lush! I think another trip is in order :D xx

  7. Oooh I want to try this, didn't realise it had little stars in it :-)

  8. Ooooh that looks gorgeous, I wanttttt!!! x x

  9. @Lauren Rose - It was lovely hun xx

    @ct1980 - haha! He bought me a giftset a while ago and used half of it! x

    @Sweetaholice Rachel - Treat yourself hun they are amazing x

    @G A B Y - No me neither, I thought it would go a golden colour haha xx

    @Glimmer and Glow - Go Rach, pick up one of these, they're lovely xx

    @suzy - Get it Suz! You'll love it x

    @Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger - That's what sold me, the stars! xx

    @lalalucy1000 - It was lovely Luce, get one! xx

  10. omg, its blue! thats so cool! xx

  11. Ohhh I need me one of those!!!!!!! How gorgeous x

  12. @Vivian - It was such a lovely bath, treat yourself to one x

    @LaaLaa Monroe - You do! They're so lovely! Drift away in it xx


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