14 November 2011

Faux Mohawk Hairstyle - You Tube Video

Morning lovelies!

Did we all have a good weekend? Mine was just amazing, I had the hangover from hell yesterday but had such a good night on Saturday!

I wore this hairstyle in my first Haul video and had a couple of requests to show how I put it together, so here it is. I hate the thumbnails You Tube choose for my videos, I'm always pulling a dodgy face!

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  1. Glamourous rollers eh?! :) Love the end result

  2. You're so natural in your videos, they're really easy to watch. I'm tempted to give it a go but I think I might make a bit of a nob of myself haha! xx

  3. @Gaelle - Thanks hun, I know, they're a right turn off come bedtime, my OH calls me Dot Cotton! lol xx

    @flutter and sparkle - Ahh thank you, it gets easier the more you do them so, give them a go I'd watch them fo 'sho! lol Thanks hun xx

  4. Great post hun, following your blog and sub'd to your YOUTUBE channel :) thanks so much for giving me the inspiration to try this look :) xx

  5. Hello swetty :)
    I am here to invite you to visit my website from Avon http://avon-liliana.blogspot.com/ and also follow it if possible :)
    Any doubt just ask me.
    Thank you :)

  6. @Sherrie - Ahh you're very welcome, apologies for not seeing this sooner, I had a busy weekend. I love your go at it, I think I will try it with my curling wand next time xx

    @Lili - Thanks


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