8 November 2011

Real Techniques - Core Collection brush set

Girlies! Let me start by saying you need these brushes! I bought the starter set (blue handled pack) about 2 months ago and can say that I honestly use a couple of the brushes everyday. The Deluxe crease brush is amazing for concealing under the eyes and the base shadow brush is nice for applying a wash of colour.

Back to the brushes.

Real Techniques brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo fame, Sam is also a Make up Artist in her own right and between her and her sister Nic they have 30 years experience in the make up industry. Nic took a back seat with this project because she knew she would be starting a family (Harry is just gorgeous) so left Sam to get on with this by herself.

The whole range of brushes are made with taklon synthetic bristles, each hand cut and 100% cruelty free which I know from watching Sam’s videos on You Tube is a top priority to her.

This set comprises of:
Detailer brush – this brush is slightly angled at the top perfect for intricate work, I have also used this for applying lipstick
Contour brush – before owning this brush I was using a MAC 109 wondering why I could never get my cheekbones to go BAM, now they do, love this brush
Buffing brush – I used this in my latest video on You Tube, buffing Chanel Pro Lumiere into the skin like a dream. This could also be used for powder.
Pointed Foundation Brush – I use this brush for applying highlight to the tops of my cheekbones and outer eye area. To date I haven’t yet used it for foundation, only because I am always in a rush in the mornings and need a man sized brush to get the job done! Haha

Left to right Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush and Buffing Brush

As with any Real Techniques brush sets this comes with a panoramic brush case which doubles as stand also. Each brush has a flat bottom which makes perfect for standing on the table whilst you apply your make up. I find the bigger brushes stand up perfectly however the detailer brush, accent brush and pixel point brushes (last two from blue starter kit) don’t stand with ease.

You will not regret buying these brushes, my master plan is to have every single one in my collection. If I could put a request into Real Techniques it would be to make the deluxe crease brush from the blue Starter Kit available to buy on it’s own it really is a beauty.

I bought mine from Love-Makeup for £20.99, there is a delivery charge of £2.95 in the UK. The delivery may I add is super speedy.

I forgot to say how they wash! I wash my brushes in baby shampoo and will say Real Techniques brushes look like brand new once washed, with no shedding at all! Do you think I like them? ;p

Go on…….treat yourself!!


  1. I have these too!! I use them every day. They are absolutely amazing and even after washing still spring back into shape =) Good post hunny xx

  2. I looove these! My favourite is the contour which I use for contour and blush :) xx

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. I have been wanting to try these but haven't gotten around to it. I saw these at an Ulta and now I want to go pick them up!! =)

  4. i have these as well i use them everyday too :)


  5. I love the white/gray tip on the top =). Thanks for showing these great brushes!

  6. I have the stipple brush ( pink handle) and the foundation brush and love them. I'm tempted by the set too

  7. Gorgeous! I have a blush brush from them and love it to bits. I've been eyeing the core collecting since ages and you've given me the push needed to make a purchase :)


  8. I just bought some mac brushes from the christmas collection and now I wish I got these. They're half the price and sound twice as better! :regret:

  9. @Natalie - Yeah I have washed them a few times too they're amazing! No shedding at all xx

    @Lauren Rose - Ahh me too, Contour brush is lovely, the perfect size xx

    @prettyinpink - You're welcome lovely, get them you won't regret it x

    @Ncola - Beauties aren't they! x

    @Glitz Glam Budget - Me too, they look like they cost more than they do xx

    @Gaelle- The Make up Fairy - I neeeeed the stipple brush, never tried one before x

    @Get Gawjus - Ooooh Blush brush! I neeed it hahaha. Hope you love the Core Collection too xx

    @blog-a-beaute - MAC are nice, I wouldn't be without a couple of MAC 217's but these are just as good. They wash amazing too xx

  10. Ooh I want my cheekbones to go BAM...I've bought so many different contour brushes on my quest for the best!
    On the Xmas list :)

  11. @Katey - Hun, this contour brush is amazing! I think it's the size of it, not too wide not too big. Santa will come good for you xx


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx