10 November 2011

NOTD - Wellington Street - Nails Inc

Hello guys and gals! There’s not that much to say about this colour, you all know how much I love my Nails Inc polishes. Faye ♥ bought this for me in a gift set a while back, I blogged about it HERE.

It’s a really pretty pink, a full on Barbie pink. So easy to wear I love it! Two coats is all it takes for it to be opaque finished off with the HG of topcoats Seche Vite!

The photo with the flash off you can see it has undertones of blue in it making it look almost purple, it’s not the true colour. It’s as bright as they come baby!


  1. @lalalucy1000 - Thank you hun xx

  2. I love it! I wouldn't usually say I like pinks but my Rimmel 'Hot shot' bright pink polish is probably my favourite! xx

  3. Pick me up colour or what?!!

  4. @smashinbeauty - Thanks hun x

    @Sarah - I didnt used it, i like this though x

    @Gaelle - The Make up Fairy - I know, good init! lol xx

  5. omg this is the prettiest pink ever! I want!!! xxx


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