12 November 2011

Laurens Way Re-Launch Event - PIC HEACY

Hey guys and gals! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I went along to the Laurens Way re launch event on Wednesday night. Laurens Way has now bought out hair extensions, eyelashes and a few new tanning products. They’ve also refreshed the packaging, but it’s still the same fab product inside!

I was so excited about going; I love me a bit of TOWIE and was so excited that I was going to meet Lauren. The programme really doesn’t do that much for her though, she’s so lovely and very slim. The papers are so horrible too!

The girls

Natalie, Emma and Moi

Laurens Way

I picked up a bottle of Laurens Way tanning mousse and lotion a couple of months back. I gave the mousse a go but really didn’t use it properly I didn’t leave it long enough after shaving so I got a bit of a nasty rash from it. On Tuesday night whilst Darren was losing on Modern Warfare 3 (haha) I gave the lotion a go. It is love! I love it so much and I swear I’m getting browner as the day goes on. It’s such a natural shade of brown.
The event was held at Jewel bar at Piccadilly so arranged to meet Emma outside, Natalie turned up about 5 minutes later. We had a chat outside and laughed at the paps waiting for that photo opportunity, they must have been gutted because Lauren Goodger was already inside supping Champers! It was so weird seeing her in the flesh, she sounds exactly the same (obvs), and I will admit I was a little start stuck.

Inside Laura and Lauren were already there, we had our names ticked off the checklist then had some photos against the Laurens Way logo. Charli turned up just in time for photos. We found ourselves a table and chatted the night away. Nev came over and introduced himself, he’s Lauren Goodgers business partner. He had Glam Tan on himself. Later on there was an opportunity for a photo with Lauren. We were also rubbing shoulders with a few other Celebs Nicola T, Tony Mortimer from E17 and some woman from Loose Women, I forget her name.

Drinks were free for a while with people slopping off here and there. The three musketeers (myself, Natalie and Charli) were the last ones to leave. We parted company outside and I made my merry way home.

The goods!

Thank you girls for a fantastic evening!
I was lucky enough to grab 2 goodie bags, which had the Mousse, Instant Glow, eyelashes and bracelet in. I will do a full blogpost on the tan when this application has faded, I may even treat you to a You Tube video!


  1. Ahhhhh LOVE the piccys. I was the biggest East 17 fan as a kid, think I would of pissed my pants seeing Tony there haha. x x

  2. waw I am sooo jealous that you met Lauren - such a beautiful girl!! x

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    www.typedupthoughts.tumblr.com and follow if you like what you see :) x

  3. WELL JEL of meeting Lauren and getting a goodie bag! :) Thanks for a great coverage! X


  4. Looks like you had a great time!!xx

  5. Sounds like such a fun evening, I didn't even know she did tanning & hair stuff!x

  6. thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:

  7. Ooh sounds like a fab night! I've been thinking about trying Lauren's Way but got so much St Tropez and St Moriz to use up.


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