25 March 2011

FOTD - Hot pink lips

Hey dolls, sorry I've been a bit vacant from my blog this week, I've got an audit at work next week so I've had to pull my figner out and get a few jobs done. Back to the post.

I was admiring my handy work on my sister ♥ and I'm now kicking myself that I didn't get Girl about Town. It really is a gorgeous colour and maybe one that will be added in the future (very near). I had a Barry M dazzle dust near enough the same colour as Girl about Town so mixed it with a bit of vaseline and Voila homemade Girl about Town (kinda) :) You could also just use this as a lip tint, using your finger to just pat it on the lips.

Chanel Pro Lumiere Shade 10
MAC MSF Medium
Benefit Coralista blush

MAC e/s Brule
MAC e/s Naked Lunch (near tearduct)
MAC false lashes #34's

Vaseline (mix the two)

Just a quick look I knocked up at home. The spotty thing on my head is a top I cut up, I quite like it, think it needs bigger spots on it though and maybe a stiffer material, it didn't look how I thought it would!

Have a good weekend girls


  1. great idea!! very intuitive! (and the colour really suits you!)
    Sam xx

  2. hello me ickle dumplin'! I've missed you! Thanks for your congrats on my little shop *hugs* you look so gorgeous in the first photo, you remind me of a 50's housewife lol always glamorous...never trampy haha Hope you're well babe, talk soon!


  3. @manths - Thanks hun, I've done it a few times before, doesn't quite last as long as a normal lippie though.

    @CarmenSays - Carm? Where the 'ell ave you been? lol You're welcome sweets, I've miss you too. 50's housewife? how did you know? What you can't see in that pic is my roast beef stained apron and cut to f*ck fingers! lol I'm good sweetheart, how's the shop coming along? xxxx

  4. Your eyes look amazing with those lashes
    Stacie @Kawaii Nail Art

  5. Your eyes are insanely beautiful. the love the wrap. great job making it. So glad I found your blog. I'm totally following now, I hope you will to. Check out my blog for multiple updates daily on all things celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. xoxo


  6. @Stacie Thanks hun x

    @Fash Boulevard - Thanks for following, I will take a look at your blog x

  7. Love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...


  8. Lipstick looks gorgeous :D xxx


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