7 March 2011

Monday Summary

1 Slimming World – This week I put on 1 pound at SW, I’m not too bothered about it really, I knew it was coming, it’s my TOTM which means my local shop has sold out of Galaxy Ripples and I am hormonally spotty! I’m feeling positive about this week though, if I don’t lose it’s not the end of the world. It’s just taking me a little longer than others that’s all. I enjoy going to class and there's some real competition in there too.

2 Thriller at the Lyric Theatre – Faye ♥ and I went to see Thriller on Tuesday night and had the best night. We’re both massive MJ fans, I bought us the tickets from lastminute.com for half price, £29 each. First we went to one of our favourite restaurants for Pizza, Ask Restaurant. I had a spicy Vesuvio with Faye ♥ opting for a Calzoné. I’m sure having this heavy dish 2 days before weigh in didn’t help matters either. I know from experience to have my heavier meals at the weekend so that by the time I get weighed they aren’t sitting heavy on my tummy. Anyway Thriller was amazing, we were 2nd row from the front, we had the best view and by the end of the show were up on our feet dancing along.

3 Morley College Course – Back in January I decided to have a look around for some small make up courses to attend until I can do the big course and found 2 courses at the Morley College which is just near North Lambeth. These courses are on on a Friday night after work from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. The first course is called Beauty for Beginners; Makeup Techniques and the second course is called Beauty for Beginners; Eye Makeup. I will do a full post on them when I have completed the courses. Right now I’m just excited to be doing anything that involves someone in the profession!

4 Spending time with Darren ♥ - he’s been working a lot recently, staying late through the week and working weekends, so we haven’t spent much time together. He was supposed to be working this weekend but everything got cancelled. We spent the weekend together, I cooked us dinner on Saturday, after which Darren ♥ fell asleep for an hour and a half, as soon as I heard him snoring in the lounge I knew it was my opportunity to whack out the make up and have a mess about. FOTN to come.

5 Clothes shopping – I seem to have got in a bit of a rut with my clothes outside of work. For work I just wear trousers and tops/jumpers all week, I work on a building site which is covered in dust/mud etc so I don’t wait to be wearing any of my nice clothes to work. However outside of work I don’t seem to have much to wear either. Since learning of the Treat Street scheme I’ve been ordering more and more off the net to get points and also, it’s nice not having to go shopping. In a way I hate it. The only time I seem to like shopping is when I’ve got no money, then when I have got money I don’t see anything I like. I’d love a day with a personal shopper or Gok Wan if he’s available. He’d sort out my pear shape (more apple at the minute) and my ‘bangers’ as he calls them. Oh to be more stylish!

Have a good week my lil peanuts!


  1. OMG Thriller on the big screen I am sooooo jealous that is my jam right there!

  2. cuz this is thrilllller!!! love it :D i went to see Janet last night! go Jacksons!


  3. I went to see Thriller last year when it was in Belfast and it was absolutely awesome, the dancers were incredible! But then there's no way I couldn't have loved it cos I adore MJ (Used to have a coat with a pic of michael on the back) :)

    The makeup course sounds brill... I had a look for a course here but they're soo expensive - seems like there's nothing for noobs who just wanna learn the basics and aren't neccessarily interested in a career in makeup!


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx