14 March 2011

Monday Summary and a big Fank Youuuuu!!

1 Slimming World – I had a really bad week diet wise and completely wimped out on going to class, I didn’t stick to the diet one bit and knew I had put on weight. I’ve tried my best to stick to it this week but it’s been hard again. I struggle the most at the weekends, then after a heavy meal on a Sunday night I start thinking about it again trying to forget about the damage I’ve done. I will go to class this week. I’m thinking about changing diets completely and maybe going to ‘the other side’ (Weight Watchers). I’m trying not to think about it too much until I get weighed and see what the damage is. It’s a vicious circle, eating makes me happy so I eat then I feel guilty and get upset, then I eat to make myself happy! Darren ♥ thinks I put too much pressure on myself, I’m just angry because I can never stick to it and never make it to my target goal before giving up. *Think positive Stace*

2 Morley College Course – Last week I said I was going to write a proper post about this but it’s really not worth it, it’s such a waste of money. There’s 5 of us in the class and we’re all complaining about it. We basically just put our make up on for 3 hours, I know more than the tutor and I think I could probably take the course myself! A few of us went for drinks after and 2 of the girls said they’ve learnt more from me! I was supposed to be booked on for the next course too which is Eye Makeup but hopefully I can transfer to Photographic and Catwalk make up, this course is taught by Karen Beadle who is a professional MUA.

3 Make Up – I think about make up constantly, I can’t wait for the week to be over so I can sit in front of my mirror with everything out, seeing what looks I can come up with. I must admit I’m running out of ideas and eyeshadow! I think I need to invest in a palette off eBay, maybe one of those Coastal Scents ones?? Do any of you have them? Or can any of you suggest one, maybe with some bright colours?

4 Jamie Oliver’s Butchers - I treated me and Darren ♥ to a Rib Eye Steak each from Jamie’s butchers at St Pauls for din dins on Saturday. We’ve had them once before and loved them. This time though they came out a bit on the small side but again we couldn’t fault the meat. I think I have definitely changed to a Rib Eye girl after being devoted to Sirloin for so long it just doesn’t quite cut the mustard now.

5 Reaching 200 followers – Woweee! I was so pleased when I logged in this morning to see that I had reached the 200 mark (202 now!), thank you, thank you, thank you to you all for following, commenting and just being fab! I never thought I’d reach so many followers but I have to say blogging truly makes me happy and having each and every one of you following me makes me happy too. I will probably do a giveaway when I reach the 500 mark, that way I’ve got plenty of time to collect/think about what to do. Thanks again girls (and boys if there are any?) ♥

That’s it this week for the summary, Darren ♥ and I are still on ‘mission save’ so haven’t been out and about much at all.

Have a good week my lil peanuts!

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  1. Don't get disheartened about Slimming World, just start thinking a bit more about what you're eating and why you want it. I've stopped buying snacks so even if I'm craving chocolate etc, I can't get it! A couple of people asked if I'd lost weight last week so it must be working - I've injured my leg at the minute but once it's better I'm going to incorporate a bit of exercise, it really does make a difference :-)


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