22 March 2011

Monday Summary (A little late)

1 Slimming World – I lost 1.5 pounds this week at SW and I have to say I was pretty chuffed with myself. I’m now half a pound away from getting my 1 stone award, however after the weekend I’ve had I’m not sure I’m going to make it this week. Darren ♥ was off all weekend with me and we had a lovely time just lazing about the lounge, this also included a Chinese takeaway on Friday night then a Kebab on Saturday. Let me explain this kebab though; it was Chicken and Lamb chunks (proper name I think is Shish) with salad and chilli sauce, I had a handful of chips and a bit of garlic sauce so I don’t consider this to be a bad meal, I never eat the pitta bread that comes with it either. Then yesterday Darren ♥ said he’d cook one of his famous roast beef dinners and well I couldn’t say no to some roasties. Ahh well we shall see what the damage is on Thursday. I am thinking positive about it all *smiley face*

2 Seeing friends and family – Me and my 2 best buds finally decided on a date that we are all free to have a good ol’ knees up. We’re all quite spread about at the minute, I live in London, Anna lives in Salisbury and Hayley still lives on the Isle of Wight. The weekend of the 9th April couldn’t come quick enough. Not only are me and Darren ♥ going to the best Indian restaurant in the UK (Isle of Wight) I get to see my gorgeous Nephews ♥, Brother ♥, Sister-in-Law ♥ and my beloved Mumma ♥.

3 Rejoining twitter - I joined Twitter ages ago, just under my own name but didn’t really know how it worked so cancelled my account. I know a lot of you are on it so thought I would join again this time under my blog name. I’m still a bit clueless with it to be honest but, I’ll get there. At present I’m following 30 people and 7 followers! If you’re on twitter @TheHQofBeauty come join my party!

4 Sweet tings! – Since joining SW my taste buds have changed so much, I was always the savoury girl, crisps, cheese, crackers, bread and nuts were things I’d consider living off before SW. Now though, my cravings for sweet things are getting out of control, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about a crème egg, galaxy ripple or making a batch of sweet cupcakes for me and Darren ♥ to devour! It’s making my SW journey hell, these sweet things are full of calories and are super bad for the diet. 1 measly bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk is 13 syns (you’re allowed 10-15 a day). Chocolate and cake never used to bother me, but now, it’s very hard to say no.

That’s it this week for the summary, hope you have a good week my beauts!


  1. one pound at a time.. you'll get there ;)

  2. Hello my Baby, looking forward to seeing you both too, lets hope for good weather on the Isle when you're here. Slimming gets harder the older you get ,I'm sorry to say !! Oh well more Zumba classes are of the order for your old Ma !! Love Mum xxxx

  3. Well done on the 1.5lb loss.I have joined weight watchers and my taste buds have changed sooo much.
    AND wooo hoooo i have now joined your twitter party.Ha xx

  4. 1.5 lbs loss is AWESOME! I stopped eating after 7pm and lost 40lbs in 6 months. (heard the tip on Oprah)LOL
    6 years later and it's still off:)

  5. @Marisa - Thanks, small steps x

    @Mum - Hope it's nice too. Yeah I agree, it's not as easy as when I was 22, I've still got a pair of jeans from 8 years ago that I want to get back in to. 8 years, I don't think I'll get to a size 10 again :( lol xxxxx

    @BeautybyPaula - Thank you hun, I've beeb going since October last year, it's just coming off so slowly but I suppose thats the best way xx

    @Amanda - Thank you, I wish I could do that, but sometimes I dont get home from gym/aerobics til after 7pm. Congrats on the 40lbs! That's amazing! xx


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