18 March 2011

Maybelline One by One Mascara

Hey dolls, I bought this mascara about 2 weeks ago after seeing the advert in Stylist magazine, I love Stylist, it comes out every Tuesday and has some great features in there usually more on the make up and beauty side of things which is perfect for a make up whore like moi! Lol

Ok, I’ll put it out there, it’s good but it doesn’t beat my beloved Max Factor False Lash Effect. The separation and length it gives is amazing though, so much better than the awful (in my opinion) Rimmel Accelerator. I quite liked the packaging, the brush came separate to the actual tube, I suppose so you could see exactly what you were buying. The tube itself had a kind of stopper thing on it; I thought this was quite a good idea.

The advert in the paper claims up to 3 bristles per lash 1; it catches 2; coats and 3; de-clumps. It definitely catches and coats but I found it dried quite quickly. This still doesn’t put me off though, I’m a bit of a Linford Christie with mascara now!

As you can see from this last picture the problem I have with mascara is my bottom lashes, maybe because they’re quite long they catch my skin and this happens. Sometimes it's worse than this picture. This even happens with my False Lash Effect. I know Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo are raving about this new Clinqiue mascara for bottom lashes. It has a tiny brush but is specifically for the bottom, Sam loves it. It might be worth a try!

I picked this up too, I can't be without one of these, I ♥ it! 

All in all I think this is a really good mascara, I bought this from Boots for the introductory price of £6.49, a saving of £2.

Have any of you tried this mascara? What’s your verdict? Let me know in the comments


  1. I think this is a good mascara too, flakes on me also!

    I wouldn't buy again tho, the only mascara I have ever repurchased is the Lancome Hypnose, although MF False Lash Effect will be on that list too Im sure! :)

  2. Wow, you have amazing lashes! I don't think this mascara would work as great on my super short lashes...

    I don't apply mascara on my bottom lashes but Maybelline mascaras tend to flake a lot, even my beloved Falsies )=

  3. Are those..your real lashes!? O.O My eyelashes are so short, not sure how well this would work on me :/

  4. @Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger - It runs in the family, mother and sister do too x

    @NicolaAMT - Maybe it's just a bit flakey all round eh. I think i might stick to my MF, I love it too much. Or Dior Show but that's a treat mascara x

    @G A B Y - Thanks hun. Yeah it's super flakey, the Colossal was on me too x

    @KawaiiFreakXx - They are mine hun, this might work better on short lashes to be honestt, you might not get the flake! x

  5. you have the longest lashes on the I have ever seen any1 have on the lower lash line lol !!


  6. Love your lashes! I have a hard time with mascara on the bottom lashes also-
    Now you have me wondering about the Clinique one.:)

  7. Your mascara looks amazing!!!! Well your eyelashes look amazing!!! hahaha please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment :)))


  8. wow your lashes look massive! I have to check it out (:

  9. Havent find those maybelline mascara in my country, Indonesia. Anw, your eyelash so good. Especially the bottom. Dont you realize that it is quite long? Lucky you :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  10. I am loving your long lashes. You lucky lucky lucky girl. That mascara looks really great!

    Thanks for the post



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