10 March 2011

MAC Brushes and Eyeliner practice

Hey girlies, I picked up a couple of new brushes from MAC this week from House of Fraser.

Darren ♥ thought he bought me Stella McCartney In Two Peony perfume for Christmas but he had actually bought me the Hydrating Milk by mistake. I marched into HOF just after Christmas only to find that the perfume was still out of stock from Christmas so they put the money on a gift card for me. I left it til the beginning of March to see if they had any perfume in stock yet and they still hadn’t and it wasn’t available to order online. I walked out most upset! Darren ♥ and I went into Walthamstow quickly on Saturday and there it was in the perfume shop in a gift set with the hydrating milk for £25, Darren ♥ bought it for me and said I could keep the HOF vouchers too. Bingo! Muuhahahahahaha!

266 top 210 bottom

Anyway back to the brushes, I couldn’t decide which fine eyeliner brush to get either the 209 or the 210. I’m not a lover of the thick black line, I think because I have quite hooded eyes; it just gets lost on me. The SA said the 210 would be best for me and if I did decide I wanted it a bit thicker I could just build it up. She herself was sporting the most perfect flick I’ve ever seen! I’ve also heard good things about the Louise Young LY24 fine liner brush and it’s only £11, shame it wasn’t available in HOF!

Here is a picture of my practice shot, I find it really easy to do the bit from the tear duct, along the lashes to the end of the eye but I just can’t get the flick right. It doesn't look too bad in this pic, I practice most days.

MAC Blacktrack liner applied with a 210 brush

Have any of you got these brushes? Can you give me any tips for my flicks?

Thank you me lil butternut squashes!


  1. hola menina! (I say that in english which sounds like Oh-larr meneenarr lol)

    I don't own any mac brushes...too expensive but I when I get rich i'm buying them all *cacklecackle*

    you scored when you got to keep the vouchers! Your flick looks good babe, i've never attempted flickin' with a brush before :O wonder what it's like lol

    Do you reckon you could do a review on the angled brush? I have a thing about good dense angled brushes for my brows and I've been debating whether to get a MAC one..they're expensive and it's MAC so It has to be good, right? lol That one you got doesn't look as dense as I imagined it to be, unless i'm thinking of the other one. Ugh...I ramble.

    big hugs dawlin'! xxxxxxx

  2. Aww I can't do eyeliner of any kind!!! It makes me so angry as everybody makes it look so easy )=

  3. @CarmenSays - Alwight Schweetheeeeart! MAC are expensive but they're damn good, you need good tools (ooo eeer! lol). That's probably the best flick I've done, I just can't get them to match. I aint a pro like you, yours are perfecto mundo! I will do a review on the 266, look out for it sweets xxx

    @G A B Y - I'm with ya girl! It a toughy, I made my eyes so sore the other night, sat myself infront of a mirror with eyeliner, brush cotton wool and make up remover. It wasn't a pretty sight after! lol x

  4. my BF told me about Macs Studio finish concealer NC ... i love it i was so fed up of foundation it really messed up my face so i had to get a concealer!

    Good blog tips ..

    check out my blog ...

  5. I love the mac brushes, they're so soft xxx


  6. Your flick looks great in the pic - dead precise and neat! I have fairly small hooded eyes and generally avoid thick liner and flicks cos I worry it just drowns out any other makeup and looks a bit silly! Have you tried the felt pen liners? They're sooo much easier to use :)

    P.S. Hurrah for perfume and gift vouchers! Kinda like a little late Christmas pressie ♥

  7. @Hannah - I agree, I love them too. I'd love to get my hands on some Sigma brushes. One day they will be mine! x

    @All Made Up - Thanks Joy, I'm getting better at them each day, I have hooded eyes too so have to be careful, i only like a thin line. Haven't tried the felt pens no, not sure where to buy them to be honest?? It was a late christmas pressie, well the perfume was the brushes were a bonus! x


Thanks so much for your messages girlies, they make my day! xxx