2 March 2011

Unleash the beast! Grrrrr!

Hello my beauts! This was a lot of fun to do. I saw this idea from a picture in the Pixiwoo fan photos archive on Facebook the plan was to do it on Darren ♥ but he tried the contact in and said he couldn’t take it. I knew what I wanted to do for this and knew Darren ♥ wouldn’t let me put fake lashes on him. I will be using Darren ♥ as my model in the near future so look out for that.

Products used
Snazaroo facepaints from eBay – yellow and brown
Some old liquid eyeliner I had
MAC 34 lash
Cheap zip from some shop with the fabric cut off the sides
Snazaroo Spirit gum from eBay (to stick on the zip)
Barry M Dazzle dust mixed with Vaseline for the lips.
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero

Ta daaaa! I really enjoyed doing this and Darren ♥ was very impressed with it too *pats self on back* lol


  1. Wow.........you must get your talent from me !!!!. Thats really quite impressive. Well done Trace.xxxxxxxxxx MUM xx

  2. WOW!!!!!

    I was genuinely shocked when the page popped up!
    Well done this looks really good.. really loving the zip!!
    Can you do me next!!!!

  3. OMG That is amazing! You are very talented! Love the zipper, and your eye almost scared me hehe!

  4. WOW stace...thats really good.cant wait to see you & maybe have a make over.abs.xxx

  5. blimey thats brilliant hun. Im a new follower and just been reading lots of your blog. Great xx

  6. SHUT UPPP! GWAN WIF YOR BAD SELF GYAL! hahaaa but seriously this is too sick for words :O it really does look like you just unzipped your face! xxx

  7. This looks so incredible! I can't believe you've managed to use so few products to achieve such a brilliant look and the false lashes are actually really pretty :) Looking forward to seeing Darren in some future posts ♥

  8. @Passing fancy & Ruthy - Thank you ladies xx

    @Mumma, Faye and Ab - Thank you, I loved doing this! I look forward to it Abs xx

    @ G A B Y - Thank you hun, scary eye huh, it looks massive in the pic too! x

    @Nicoletta - Thank you and welcome, love your blog too xx

    @CarmenSays - You know this! *takes bow* I wish I could unzip it somedays, I look a rotter today! lol xx

    @All Made Up - Hey Joy, it was super easy, the facepaint were only £2 each, just the contacts that were a lil bit expensive, but so worth it. Yeah look out for Darren! x

  9. wowowow i love this make-up and effect!you are beautiful and very creativ!
    Could you visit and follow my blog?I'd be very happy if you do it:)


  10. Wow this is so good, you're really talented!I love the lashes as well!

  11. @Darling heart - Thank you hun, I'd love to say it was my idea but it wasn't I saw it on Pixiwoos fb page and copied it. Thanks for your comment xx

  12. great job!! so original! i love it!

  13. @patukiii - thank you and thanks for following x

  14. OMG.. its awesome how u did this? outstanding


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